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probably because nobody has coded it yet.

But what if the platform owner refuses to merge the feature? For traditional local software, it is never a issue.

the problem here is that a remote service is a black box for the user, whether its source is Free Software or proprietary. But that's a whole other issue.

I do not think it is "a whole other issue".

Free Software does not mention software's functionality. Because it assumes a software's functionality can be extended given the freedom to access the source. But this assumption is not valid on remote services.

That's why I think "proprietary platform" is a vague term.

Not considering self host, I personally cares 1 more than 2:

  1. platform providing open data
  2. platform using free software

Sure, 2 provides the freedom to self host. But sometimes self host is not possible. For example, if identi.ca is closed, I may self host pump.io (or other alternatives). But if google search engine is closed ( and releases all source code under a FLOSS license), I cannot self host google search.