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slides of my #LinuxDay talk «#Debian & #FreeSoftware dark ages» are at thanks a bunch to @ERLUG1999 for inviting me!

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¡Qué transparencias más claras y bonitas!

Cuenta cancelada at 2013-10-26T16:26:26Z

It has been a pleasure to have you with us. You, know, after your talk lots of people  wanted the #Debian tags ;-)

zvanen at 2013-10-28T09:07:13Z

Regione Emilia Romagna: la migrazione perduta
Non so perché non riesco a inviarlo qui mettendoti in cc :-)

Marco Trotta at 2013-10-28T09:16:49Z

@zack thank *you* for being with us for the  #LinuxDay :-)

ERLUG at 2013-10-28T09:25:02Z