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#Debian #Jessie will freeze on November 5th, 2014 — ~1 year of development to go!

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Wait. So when they freeze testing, unstable gets frozen, too?

/usr/share at 2013-10-13T17:46:45Z

/usr/share, exactly, I was a user of frozen Sid twice.

XRevan86 at 2013-10-13T17:47:46Z

@jxself: you might want to study recent history again

Stefano Zacchiroli at 2013-10-13T19:48:53Z

@Stefano Zacchiroli Was that reply for me?.. I think I remember advanced freeze date anouncement even for Wheezy but there was a question on d-d-a why not July and Why specifically Nov.

PS: These replies coming to you from ~friendica hence you are not able to mention me properly ;-)

Vasudev Kamath at 2013-10-14T09:10:03Z