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dream of the day: all #Debian packages built using [something like] #Gitian

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While I figure out the mechanics of #Gitian I wonder how to verify the claim that "A group of builders is much more trustworthy than just one." It makes sense, but is not *always* true, or is it?

William L. Anderson at 2013-07-13T11:24:32Z

It is true if your builds are done on separate systems by different people. It doesn't make any sense if everybody just uses the same build farm because then you can't test the relationship between source and binary. at 2013-07-13T14:53:53Z

Thank you, that makes sense. So the claim is better expressed by "Trustworthiness can result from comparing builds done by different people on different systems."

William L. Anderson at 2013-07-13T21:26:54Z