Reg Saddler

Denver, United States

Just a guy who loves Social Media and Tech. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don't talk about Fightclub


  • Kate J Davis

    Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom Kate Davis - European traveller and author of travel to guides to Paris holidays for a holiday in Paris.

  • Tino

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • Daryoosh Adineh

    Borneh Chāh, Iran

    I'm the most simple guy you've ever seen!

  • MiguelCarballo

    ahhh, just ask me.

  • David Slater

    Nascar nut Lancashire lad!

  • Harish Pillay

    human, hacker, engineer, hashman, son, husband, father living 1 deg North, 103 deg East

  • YODspica

    Cardiff, United Kingdom

    YODspica is a business that specializes in Information Technology Solutions and Mobile Apps.

  • mrs. stench

    stay at home mom who loves open source

  • Kurt Tasche

    Kurt Tasche is a full time Internet marketer, martial artist, certified personal trainer, happily married gay man, video gamer, Marvel and D.C. comics fanatic and huge Star Wars fan.

  • @danielooi

    Batu Hitam, Malaysia

    I've been gettin my hands on computers since 1994 - a friendly geek, Tech Expert, photographer.

  • Alexandre Enkerli

    Montreal, Canada

    French-speaking ethnographer, beer homebrewer, coffee homeroaster, saxophone player. (aka @iethnographer)

  • oliver gassner


  • Rahsheen Porter

    Geek. Musician. Tech, New/Social Media, GTD Blogger, Coder, Ghettointellectualentarian


    writing and sharing tiny tech tips your momma could understand.

  • Matt Harwood

    Excited Web Consultant, from Bedfordshire, England

  • Motivational Quotes

    Toronto, Canada

    Just love to share motivational quotes. Follow me for a thought of the day. -Shawn B

  • The Dude Dean

    Fort Lauderdale, United States

    The Greatest Living American Dude: SEO Consultant, Social Media Maverick, Web Developer and Elite Space Monkey

  • waxmuth

  • Romana Challans

    wheelchair bound code witch, mac geek. magic partner. mother of 5. spiritual atheist. the rest is subject to change without notice.

  • Wolfgang Senges

    Trier, Germany

    Strategy Consultant in Media//Music//IT, strategies in music business. Supporter of CreativeCommons. Music collector.