Kartik Mistry 0x1f1f@identi.ca

La Valette-du-Var, France

apt-get -f install


  • James Michael DuPont h4ck3rm1k3@identi.ca

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Scorpio20 Scorpio20@microca.st

    KZN, Republic of South Africa

    Was using Identic.ca before. A guy interested in Free Software, Debian, python n other Openid: https://launchpad.net/~anban https://en.gravatar.com/scorpioat20 http://communicationfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/pump-io-tips/

  • alboh alboh@microca.st

  • Debacle Debacle@urmf.net


    Debian developer, Python programmer, Windenergy worker, Solarenergy scholar, City cyclist, Avowed atheist, Milonguero malvado, Voluptuous vegetarian

  • philslade philslade@pumpity.net

    in West Sussex, UK.

    I work as a gardener. Keen on Transition Towns - http://www.transitionnetwork.org/ Not techy so running a Puppy Linux ( http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview and Getting Started.htm ) live cd on an old XP box

  • Freedom Maniac frdmaniac@identi.ca

    FRDM(Freedom) Maniac also known as FOSSmaniac for me from FOSS, I understood Freedom, so changed Nick to Frdmaniac!

  • Jain Basil Aliyas jainbasil@identi.ca

    Bangalore, India

    Free Software enthusiast, Scribus developer, KDE contributor & Google Summer of Code (2010, 2011) Student.

  • AbdulKarim Memon techmaniack@identi.ca

    Student, geek, day dreamer, FOSS user/promoter

  • Bruno Ramos brunoramos@identi.ca

    Schoos, Luxembourg

  • Debian Art debianart@identi.ca

    Universal City, United States

    DebianArt.org is a repository of artwork done for Debian and compatible with Debian Policy.

  • Dave Hills davehi@identi.ca

    Watford, United Kingdom

  • Vasudev Kamath copyninja@identi.ca

    Open Source and Linux enthusiast. A Python programmer, A hacker by interest. And of course big fan of Naruto anime

  • Vivek Varghese Cherian vivekvc@identi.ca

    Chennai, India

    Farmer,Entrepreneur,Technologist, Author, Software Architect, Hacker/Maker, Security Researcher, Social Activist

  • Dionisio E Alonso baco@identi.ca

    Nueva Córdoba, Argentina

  • biella biella@identi.ca

  • Software Freedom Law Center sflc@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    We provide legal representation and other law-related services to protect and advance Free, Libre, and Open Source Software.

  • Amaya Rodrigo amayita@identi.ca

    Madrid, Spain

    Debian Developer, EcoFeminist, Cat Lover

  • pavithran pavithran@identi.ca

    Hyderabad, India

    I like foss especially projects like debian , fedora and OSM !

  • Debian Project debian@identi.ca

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian identi.ca account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: → http://deb.li/identica

  • Luca Vinci idl3@identi.ca

    Sardinia, Italy

    "Esperto di nulla, ma curioso di tutto."