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Also there is perhaps need to integrate distributed (peer-to-peer or friend-to-friend) communications, here are my suggestions:

  • GNUnet: For publishing of art works in general.

    • GNU MediaGoblin: As a possible interaction with GNUnet, so that servers no longer have to lift all the heavy weight for themselves, but instead also distribute this to the clients/visitors if these love some work and want to share it.
    • Perhaps we need to change GNUnet so that it shares stuff that you download by default?
  • GNU Ring: For instant communication.

  • BitMessage: For something similar to e-mail, also supports mailing lists. Has low file size attachment limit, which is good in my opinion.

  • Twister: For microblogging.

    • Or we could make make use of GNUnet.

Of course, these are just my ideas. And unfortunatelly, I'm not a developer, so I don't know how to make all of this happen. I only know that we must perhaps integrate projects better, even GNU projects better with each other.