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I'm starting to hate most content sharing websites

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  • Most of them require non-free JS. JS itself isn't bad, non-free ones are.
    • And with this, visitors are mostly left with a webpage in which no part has a working hyperlink anchor. So you can't even click "play" to hear the music.
    • I tried contacting the owners and developers of the affected websites, but I was ignored, and got no reply back.
  • Some provide only MP3 downloads. Most of them provide "fall backs" to formats and codecs favorable to free/libre software. However, free/libre software activists like me argue that the ideal scenario would be to distribute such downloads only in formats favorable to free/libre software --- not only because of patents, but also because we never know what may become of those unfriendly formats in the future and what they can hold inside. And I'm not the only person saying this, see the speeches given by Stallman, where he always says the importance of this.
    • I tried contacting the owners and developers of the affected websites, but I was ignored, and got no reply back.
  • Some other websites say that the content is shareable under [insert any Creative Commons license here], but then they limit the number of shares you can do, to say, three.

Note: I'm not against having to pay in order to download the work.

Perhaps we must make use of GNUnet to make content available, and if not using GNUnet: provide ways for the end-user to search and download content without a web browser --- GNUnet already provides this through gnunet-search.

Currently, I have just deleted a big part of my music collection thanks to the disservice of numerous websites that say to be "promoting" shareable works.

Now, I kept only albums from Xera (because I can download OGG files directly from their website, , without non-free JS and in which there is license information in the download page), and from video games like 0 A.D., Red Eclipse, Xonotic, SuperTuxKart, SuperTux, Freedoom, Battle for Wesnoth, TecnoballZ, Fish Fillets NG, Freedroid, FreedroidRPG, OpenTTD, FreeDink and Drascula (all of these I kept because downloading their package already gives me the musics in formats friendly to free/libre software, and provides the license information for each music). Of course, there are more free/libre games than the ones in this list, but these are the ones for which I have musics that I like.

Forget about Xera at all, I just noticed that they also serve .mp3 files, that's bad. :S

Instead, I suggest :)

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