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GMG is actually an elaborately postmodern webcomic about a fictional open source project and its robust and dynamic community.

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Interesting, could you post a link plz?

Scorpio20 at 2013-11-15T12:00:06Z

Scorpio20: yes, the main site is here: but the comic spans many websites across the internet such as and and many others - and then the best part is the simulated irc channel with an elaborate collection of bots chatting on #mediagoblin on freenode, to demonstrate what a thriving community might look like.

Its one of those silly "high concept" things, very post modern, not everyone's cup of tea.

Aeva Ntsc at 2013-11-15T16:51:51Z

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@Aeva Ntsc : Thank you for the links, will check them out :-)

Scorpio20 at 2013-11-17T21:12:05Z