Michael Moroni airon90@identi.ca

Canegrate, Italy



  • Sean Tilley deadsuperhero@identi.ca

    San Francisco, CA

    A geek, apparently.

  • Wikidata wikidata@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    The free knowledge base that anyone can edit (tweets mostly by @nightrose)

  • Cristian Consonni cristiancantoro@identi.ca

    Milan, Italy

    Free software activist, physicist and storyteller

  • Defective by Design dbd@identi.ca

    Boston, United States

    A participatory campaign exposing DRM-encumbered devices and media for what they really are: Defective by Design.

  • Epiphany epiphanybrowser@identi.ca

    The Epiphany browser is the web browser for the GNOME desktop!

  • Parti Pirate partipirate@identi.ca

    Saint-Georges-la-Pouge, France

    On nous traite de pirates parce que nous prônons un accès libre et égal pour tous à la culture, la connaissance et l'information.

  • CitizenWeb Project cznweb@identi.ca

    The Internet

    Fighting for a free, secure, & decentralized Internet. Guides & software projects to help you kick your Google habit.

  • Italian Linux Society italinuxsociety@identi.ca

    San Donato in Fronzano, Italy

    Account ufficiale di Italian Linux Society (per gli amici, ILS)

  • Francesco OpenCode fraopencode@identi.ca

    Puglia, Italy

    Open Source ERP (OpenERP) Software Developer

  • Debian Project debian@identi.ca

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian identi.ca account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: → http://deb.li/identica

  • Jolla jolla@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    Jolla is developing mobile devices and the #SailfishOS based on #MeeGo and #merproject open source projects.

  • opensource.com opensourceway@identi.ca

  • Diaspora Europe diasp@identi.ca

    Westfilderstadt, Germany

    Social freedom!

  • Stefano Zacchiroli zack@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Geek, Debian Project Leader 2010-2013, Free Software zealot, Computer Science professor. Italian from Bologna, emigrated to Paris, France

  • GTK+ and friends gtktoolkit@identi.ca

  • New Linux Counter Project newlinuxcounter@identi.ca

    Kaufbeuren, Germany

    The New Linux Counter Project will replace the good, old Linux Counter Project on counter.li.org soon.

  • Vikinovaĵoj en Esperanto eowikinews@identi.ca

    Libera retgazeto verkebla de vi. La akurate ĝisdatigata RSS: http://ur1.ca/8iixj