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There are effectively five heavy brigades worth of troops in DC right now.  How many followers will descend on DC? 

Keeping in mind the guy that got picked up with the unauthorized inauguration credentials presents an interesting problem. I am not as worried about the gun and the over five hundred rounds he had with him. I am worried because the dude is a resident of Front Royal, Virginia. It isn't Fairfax County but it is still basically the outer 'burbs to Washington DC along the Relocation Arc. There's still a decent presence of federal agencies employing people in Front Royal. That he didn't know about DC's firearms restrictions simply beggars belief.

All I can say is just be sure you have locally accessible backups of files that live in the cloud. Ohio's Adjutant General got really twitchy about critical infrastructure protection in a press conference Thursday. I'm not sure if he is thinking there will be a repeat of the Christmas Day incident in Nashville that had an impact on several states in terms of comms or if other infrastructure might be targeted. Our telecomms infrastructure is far more fragile than it should be in this country.