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Amateur Radio Operator (General Class). Basic Trained ICS Staffer. Lapsed Podcaster. GS-8 Bureaucrat. Occasional Domestic Missionary. Information Specialist.

  • Fine, Fine, Fine...

    2018-10-13T20:32:27Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Yeah, I'm setting up on Liberapay here:

    I don't have the profile completely set up yet.

    We just had a couple of tremendous setbacks at work that are frankly shocking. People were furiously writing resignation letters and working on retirement papers Friday. Unfortunately I don't have a financial cushion to fall back on that easily.

    I'll explain more later.

  • Recently Located Madness

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    From the Zotero database:

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  • Posted this over in that soon-to-be-demolished place

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    I posted in another realm:

    Alan Pope mentioned here various places you can find him off Google+ --

    Until a few moments ago, I frankly forgot I had a working login on this monstrosity. Alan gave a list of links where he could be best found online. I'll follow suit with these:

    Website maintained via LaTeXML:

    Blog maintained via Pelican:







    If you haven't figured out how to utilize RSS, I would suggest doing so. I might be more places online but I might not be able to openly acknowledge those. That's the wacky, wild world we live in right now where I essential have crosshairs trained on me as a member of the civil service.

  • I hate days like today

    2018-10-04T03:41:34Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I got accused by a caller of being in league with the Devil.


    I reduced another caller to tears without even trying. The poor Gen-Y female college student found out the hard way that Uncle Stupid wants his money and that breaking down in tears doesn't make debt simply disappear. Convenient, easy to afford payment plans were on afford but she hung up on me instead.


    The new hotness? The frakking conspiracy theorists over the Presidential Alert message sent to cell phones. People are only just now starting to think "The Government" is listening to their calls? If you're making an open call on the public-switched telephone network, you should generally assume one or more intelligence agencies will be creating a nice backup copy of the call that you'll never be able to reach.

    The question is where the breaking point is...and how close am I getting to it. ❌ likes this.

  • Archiving Recent Citations In Secondary Spot

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  • This has a funny component that is related to my job...

    2018-09-23T04:16:43Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    As seen online:

    Hesson, T., Cook, N., Evich, H. B., & Restuccia, R. (2018, September 23). Immigrants may be denied green cards if they’ve received benefits. Retrieved September 23, 2018, from

    Now, bear in mind the article mentions that the Earned Income Tax Credit isn't included in the scope of the rule. It cannot be. No mere regulation issued by the US Department of Homeland Security or any of its operating components can surmount the requirements of 26 USC 6103. Otherwise we'd get into the absolutely hilarious farce of IRS Criminal Investigations Division quite correctly arresting agents/officers of Homeland Security for violating black letter law.

    You see, tax information in the United States is protected more harshly than state secrets that fall under "Nationally Classified Information". That whole regime of Confidential/Secret/Top Secret all stems from presidential authority and is regulated by executive order. It all operates under delegation from POTUS which is why POTUS technically doesn't have to listen to anybody if he wants to declassify something. That whole regime can be modified by the flick of a pen in the hand of Donald John Trump.

    Tax information is guarded by statutory regime with penalties for unauthorized disclosure with penalties akin to divulging state secrets. The President cannot by his own authority release a tax return to anybody. A written order from the President for releasing a tax return requires countersignature by the chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee before being passed through the Secretary of the Treasury to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue who then has to figure out what poor soul gets stuck following the order. A verbal order is legally invalid.

    All of that argle bargle has to be put forward for me to then state that, frankly, an Act of Congress would be required to authorize data matching between IRS and Homeland Security for Homeland Security to take the receipt of the Earned Income Tax Credit into account for permanent residence determinations. Otherwise Homeland has to dump court-ordered warrants on a certain IRS directorate and those warrants aren't obtainable in bulk. Journalism School teaches you how to write but not much about how the world around you works.

    That being said, there is a growing group of line staff at work that frankly wants the Earned Income Tax Credit outright abolished. The Congressional Research Service has some economic comments about the credit. Frankly it is becoming a nightmare to administer and creates fundamental unfairness in the agency as the IRS becomes schizophrenic as being both a tax collector as well as welfare administrator. Some of us prefer sticking to being just tax collectors.

  • Yeah, My Family Requires I Use It

    2018-09-21T04:42:51Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I don't like the algorithms of Facebook. They try to determine who I am. They're very, very wrong.

  • Anybody Willing To Take A Refugee?

    2018-09-21T03:25:54Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Can cook, can clean, can be married off to one of your daughters, may be under a horrendous cloud of suspicion for still being a civil servant...

    How's your Spanish? xD

    JanKusanagi at 2018-09-21T11:52:14Z

    » JanKusanagi:

    “How's your Spanish? xD”


    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2018-09-21T20:02:46Z

  • I don't like simply remarking about just one article...

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    Here's the citation for this dumpster fire:

    Bernal, Rafael. “Puerto Rico Governor Asks Trump to Consider Statehood.” TheHill, September 19, 2018.

    There are so, so many things wrong with this. The territorial governor claims that he has a mandate for statehood with less voter turnout than there was for the Brexit referendum. 72% of Britons purportedly voted on Brexit. Statehood for Puerto Rico barely got 23% turning out to vote. I don't care how lopsided that rump was in voting for statehood the vote was not legitimate in the eyes of any mainland authority.

    Puerto Rico is also a bankrupt kleptocracy. FEMA had to request special authority to intervene and take action in Puerto Rico that it has never asked for in any of the 50 states let alone the other territories. That authority just didn't happen to be in FEMA's charter to begin with and the grant was limited to Puerto Rico alone. Under the PROMESA law, an oversight panel continues to try to get the territorial government solvent. The territorial government resists any such measures which according to PROMESA also means it cannot have any request for statehood be considered at this time.

    Congress is made of two chambers. The House of Representatives is made up of representatives of people from the states apportioned by population. Non-voting delegates are seated as a courtesy for each of the territories. The Senate represents states and each state has two senators. Currently the path to statehood is blocked for Puerto Rico unless it makes some deep reforms.

    The United States gained Puerto Rico as a war prize in the Spanish-American War of 1898. We could, in theory, give up Puerto Rico like we gave up Cuba which was also a war prize from that same war. Since the territorial government in the US Virgin Islands is facing corruption charges too, a cute plan would be to make an offer to the government of the United Kingdom relative to Brexit to pick up Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to add to its Caribbean dependencies portfolio of lands ruled by the Crown. Puerto Rico and the entire Virgin Islands are located nearby each other after all. Giving up the EU to pick up more of the Caribbean basin as an Atlantic power wouldn't be a bad deal if suggested to the President as a way to take a couple problems off his hands. USVI already drives on the "correct" side of the road for Britons too.

    The territorial dependency closest to being able to assume statehood would be Guam probably. Can you find Guam on a map? I can...

  • Meanwhile on the second antenna

    2018-09-18T04:12:29Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    "But digital is perfect!" my father frequently exclaims sarcastically...

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    Indeed, not every new thing is better just for the sake of being newer =)

    JanKusanagi at 2018-09-18T11:55:30Z

  • Still not there yet

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    Well, I almost had decent reception of WSEE-DT 35.1 out of Erie, Pennsylvania. The multiple buildings to the reception array are complicating matters. The antennae plus the HDHomeRun Duo boxes are in the detached garage. I'm in the house. There is a wireless network repeater trying to bridge the gap but isn't doing a good job.

    No, I'm not going to run a PVC pipe with ethernet between the two buildings. The cost in signal repeaters for that length of cable alone would be cost-prohibitive. I'm going to just have to put a MythTV box on the network segment in the garage and not worry about live or real-time reception.

  • Just Say No

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    Are there any server farms in the Carolinas?

  • Here's one to amuse Dr. Sekula

    2018-09-16T03:58:30Z via Dianara To: Public, Stephen Sekula CC: Followers

    For the sake of @Stephen Sekula I imagine these recent additions to my Zotero database might be amusing:

    Levine, J., Weiss, M., Davis, D. D., Allan, D. W., & Sullivan, D. B. (1989). The NIST Automated Computer Time Service. Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 94(5), 311–321.

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    Lombardi, M. A., Novick, A. N., & Zhang, V. S. (2014). A Low-Cost Time Transfer Receiver for Contributions to Coordinated Universal Time. Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 119, 583–601.

    Yao, J., Levine, J., & Weiss, M. (2015). Toward Continuous GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer: Eliminating the Time Discontinuity at an Anomaly. Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 120, 280–292.

    Time is a strange thing to worry about. I used to be on a strange snail mail list in older times originating from NIST Boulder relative to Coordinated Universal Time. When it comes to communications, proper timing is important. Before I ever knew about things like NTP let alone NTPsec, I knew about WWVB and its shortwave radio mates WWV/WWVH.

  • And then there were none...

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    My last living grandparent died today. He went out alone and angry. He was Grandma's second husband and he disowned Mom and all his other stepchildren (as well as their progeny) from his marriage to Grandma about a year or two after Grandma died.

    Turning to the affairs of the living among people where I'm not disowned, my birthday is coming up on September 9th. My family is still boggled by thils illustrative wishlist on Amazon. Thankfully I couldn't find a vuvuzela to add to it!

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  • Clock Is Running

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    I don't like this:

  • As A Rule of Thumb...

    2018-08-31T03:08:22Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    When you call the guy at the IRS appointment scheduling hotline to schedule an appointment at the IRS face-to-face office since they're all appointment-only, telling the operator that your issue is "deeply personal" and that "you refuse to give any information over the phone" yet still demand an appointment is not a good idea. You don't endear yourself to the operator. You won't get the appointment. You'll likely get referred as a possible domestic terror threat.

    Or you just wind up with me hanging up on you. Truly, truly, I say unto you that when we book appointments we have to have some clue as to what is going on so the face-to-face rep can at least prepare. If they can't prepare, they have the right to reject the appointment. They decided that they were having No More Surprises in the office and that those of us staffing the phone lines were to be the gatekeepers.

  • Testing Over The Air Reception

    2018-08-20T03:50:09Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Now if I can just figure out how to keep a MythTV box with proper environmental controls (i.e. cooling) in that physical network segment near the antennae this may yet work.

  • Thought For The Day

    2018-08-15T01:27:09Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Journalism School in the USA teaches you how to write and pretty much nothing else especially if it is structured on the Columbia model. For all this chatter about Non-Disclosure Agreements in the White House, there are several standard ones across the federal government here. They're related to...classified information! Yes, people sign those all the time when they have access to classified information. If you work at the White House, classified information flows rather freely. And yes, they all have "Fight Club" provisions in them that you're not to acknowledge that you even have the security clearance in the first place let alone that you've signed the NDA!

    In my job, there is no classified information. The only restricted information I deal with is protected instead by statute (26 USC 6103) which combined with another two sections provide penalties to send me straight to jail (26 USC 7213A) as well as well as civil damages (26 USC 7431) for unauthorized access. Every system I use at work has log-on warnings about those statutes, audit trails in effect, and that I'm being watched at all times. Unauthorized disclosure gets into even nastier statutes and criminal penalties. That's why most failures at work either lead to outright dismissal or jail time. Getting a suspension without pay for any length of time is highly unusual.

    I am disgusted by our ignorant news media.

  • So my birthday is coming up

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    My family wanted ideas of what I wanted for my birthday. This simplest listing function I could find was at Amazon still. I put the list here:

    You may be surprised (or not) at what you see.

    So congratulations are coming up! =)

    JanKusanagi at 2018-08-16T04:13:34Z

  • Kinda Frightening

    2018-08-11T04:02:35Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    We almost lost the enterprise WAN at work today. Considering that. An extremely prominent bureau of one of the oldest departments of the United States Government almost had its enterprise WAN outright collapse today. We have record spending on "social welfare" yet the civilian machinery of government is decaying.

    Considering that it is the bureau that collects 93% of the gross revenue that had its WAN almost completely collapse today, this simply amuses me. We can do better. Apparently nobody in Congress understands what is going on and thinks we're doing absolutely fabulous.