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  • Seriously?

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    Okay, what possessed him to bring up "explosions of bullshit"?

    It is time for the Republican Party to die and be replaced by something else.
  • Bad Ideas

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    If I cannot figure out a way to fix the build-depends issue for the xubuntu-docs package we may wind up having to ship stopgap documentation built using latex2man. Yeah, I'll build a frakking man page at this point to buy us time. It seems to be the best way forward at this point.

  • Not Ready For Prime Time

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    I am not sure if I wrote this out of anger or sorrow. I do know I was not happy when I wrote it. Posting it to Coyote Works does not seem to be in the cards at the moment. My most recent post there was a miscellany.

    Let me propound a not quite straightforward problem. I am not quite sure there is even an answer to this one. Bear in mind that sometimes more complex solutions are not necessarily good solutions either.

    Ashtabula County is located on the south shores of Lake Erie and is roughly equidistant between two other Lake Erie port towns. To the west you have Cleveland, Ohio. To the east you have Erie, Pennsylvania. Cleveland is a major media market. Erie is a minor media market. Both have daily newspapers as well as multiple radio and television stations of their own.

    Ashtabula County has no television station to call its own as Nielsen places it within Cleveland's Designated Market Area. The Digital Television reception maps tool posted by the Federal Communications Commission shows that the Cleveland-area television stations provide only weak to non-existent signals to the Ashtabula area. The majority of the over the air radio stations do not air locally originated programming and instead act as conduits for programming from outlets such as Moody Radio, K-LOVE, Air1, and Bible Broadcasting Network.

    The local daily newspaper puts out print editions every weekday except Tuesday and releases a consolidated weekend edition on Saturday only. The page on Wikipedia is not accurate stating that there are editions for each day of the week. Anybody I have consulted in the wild has yet to find a Tuesday or Sunday paper from them since the change happened.

    Taking all of the above into account it could be justifiably be said that there is a problem in terms of getting information out to the public. Outside use of the Integrated Public Alert Warning System many public and private entities in Ashtabula County are relying on Facebook. Ah, yes, Facebook...the same company that the Ohio Attorney General is helping lead massive federal litigation against right now. What could possibly go wrong?

    There were technological solutions discussed at one point. A linear streaming video channel utilizing something like OpenBroadcaster was kicked about as an idea. Unfortunately there is not much support publicly for that while the county-wide broadband task force sponsored by the board of county commissioners is trying to determine what people actually want and what broadband access currently exists now. Going it alone was determined to be a bit too much and with the current stay-at-home advisory it is difficult to work with potential collaborators.

    There are some limited, scaled back matters but they are simply just too limited. You have many groups across the county scattered across YouTube with next to know way to figure out who wound up where. One of the local secondary schools tried to livestream one of its band concerts and got shut down by Facebook Terms of Service over music rights issues. St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Ashtabula City is livestreaming its services via its security camera system. I am posting church services to YouTube on Sundays as best I can working out of my detached garage at home. The various efforts locally more resemble the early days of US radio broadcasting a century ago than anything ideal.

    Now, this is not an area that can necessarily lift itself up by its bootstraps. The Appalachian Regional Commission has identified six parts of the county in the "distressed area" classification. Their map shows their working counties and also explains what a "distressed area" is. For the avoidance of doubt, the Appalachian Regional Commission states: "Accordingly, the Commission designates as 'distressed areas,' those census tracts in at-risk and transitional counties that have a median family income no greater than 67 percent of the U.S. average and a poverty rate 150 percent of the U.S. average or greater." No tech solutions involving purchases of new equipment would be prudent considering all six of those census tracts correspond to population centers of the county.

    The Ohio Opportunity Index tells a similar story but a bit more fine-grained.

    I know that I will not make any dramatic advances forward with it being the holidays. Local social attitudes are alternately breathtaking and depressing. I know I will need help to try to drive forward any positive movement and that going it alone will likely not lead to success.

    The problem I have is that I am ending 2020 stumped on the tech side. Just exactly what would work to meet mass communication needs within the socioeconomic situation? Building something bigger and more complex is not necessarily the answer when people look at me strange when I ask if they've ever heard of a Roku or Apple TV...

  • Christmas Church Services

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    Granted they are from Sunday but the fairly light stay-at-home church services for Christmas can be found on YouTube here:

    When things are less crazy I may migrate hosting elsewhere. Until then hosting stays on YouTube.

  • Why Is My Local Area So Frustrating?

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    From the Appalachian Regional Commission: "Census Tract 5, in Ashtabula County, Ohio, is designated as a distressed area in fiscal year 2021 because it has a median family income of $45,063 (60.9% of U.S. avg.), a poverty rate of 23.1% (164.3% of U.S. avg.), and is located in an at-risk county. It has a population of 4,406 (Census ACS, 2014-2018)."

    I had to look when somebody asked me if I had read Hillbilly Elegy.  Why would I?  I'm living in the sort of world it describes apparently...

  • There was a camera test tonight

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    I'm still working out how this Canon Mini Cam actually works best...

  • That’s Bad

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    Our current positivity advisory from the Ohio Department of Health discussed here:
  • In newsprint this morning

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    The full infographic page in today's USA Today is 11 x 17.
  • Warranty, what warranty?

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    What could go wrong? No, I did not do this in any supported fashion. Installing the preview image is probably a good idea instead of continuing with this.

  • No, Not Good At All...

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    The Ohio hospital utilization dashboard is here:

    The only small blessing is that the area that is at a 1 in 2 utilization for both regular admissions and ICU admissions happens to be rural and not near any population centers.  The region around Toledo, though, is at 1 in 3 for both categories.  My hospital region is at 1 in 4 for both categories.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

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    This sort of virus is not so inconsequential.  Erectile dysfunction, sterility, and cognitive problems are potential issues if a man gets it and survives it.  Nationally the odds for somebody my age dying from SARS-CoV-2 are low though in Ohio the past month's data says our state is an outlier pushing upwards.

    Has life become that devalued in the United States of America?

    » Stephen Michael Kellat:

    “[...] Has life become that devalued in the United States [...]”

    Yes. I mean, just look at the orange psychopath the US elected as president 4 years ago, and the many many, many fanatics that still rage for him...

    That being said, there are unbelievable idiots suggesting that kind of moronic thing all over the world.

    JanKusanagi at 2020-12-07T00:34:46Z

    I mean, seems to have nothing to do with devaluing life and just being completely delusional:

    "None have died yet"

    Doug Whitfield at 2020-12-08T21:48:30Z

  • "Ashtabula County sheriff, several deputies and staff members test positive for COVID-19"

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    See: OR


    “Johnson says sheriff officials are following the health department and CDC recommendations. He said most of the employees including himself had a mild case.

    “Mine felt mostly like a bad sinus infection,” Johnson said. “I had a slight fever, but nothing major.”

    Johnson says he expects to be back to work by the end of the week. ”

    This is the same sheriff who said he refuses to enforce any and all of the state's coronavirus orders. I suppose it is a good thing he got voted out and is gone at the end of the month. Sadly there is no way to expedite his removal.

  • Coronavirus Update Video

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    My local situation is getting bad.  See:

  • Sunday Stay At Home Church Services Posted

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    I really don't like posting to YouTube. Once things get settled and I get my own infrastructure under better control I can get such posted elsewhere. Filming in my detached garage with as cold as it is getting out is harder than it looks.

  • Not “Shutdown” But “Slow Down”

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    Our dear governor is being mysterious and says he will clarify Tuesday at 1900 UTC.  This could get exciting, perhaps.
  • And now he threatens my state’s elected chief executive

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    The actual tweet is here:

    Governor Mike DeWine’s term ends in January 2023.

    Ah, such memories of the 1930's... 🙄

    JanKusanagi at 2020-11-16T15:34:54Z

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  • Church Services Posted

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    I’m not sure I can get too much more low church.
  • As Seen On Twitter

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    Do we deserve survival?  The notion of effectively imprisoning the sick and vulnerable while others just get on with life is apparently quite tempting.  Sadly COVID-19 doesn’t work like that.  

    This notion that it is no worse than the common flu is dangerous.  I don’t quite recall the flu causing male sterility.  I don’t recall the flu causing cardiac problems.  This is far worse than just your average influenza.

    » Stephen Michael Kellat:

    “[...] Do we deserve survival? [...]”

    Humanity? NO.

    JanKusanagi at 2020-11-14T13:52:24Z

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  • We Just Had As Many Cases Reported In Ohio In One Day As Switzerland Did

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    It is an understatement to say this is bad.  Ashtabula County itself is approaching 20% teat positivity.  My stats update blog post is at