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  • Where Are My Pseudo-Camelids To Herd?

    2017-05-22T02:04:39Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    I am herding a few boards now. The C.H.I.P. for the Outernet rig is out in the garage. Multiple Raspberry Pi models are running in the office (MATEY, PARASITE, and ASTROCONTROL). There is a Raspberry Pi Zero that I have yet to deploy. There is an Arduino loose in the house plus an Ethernet board for it that needs deployment too. The bad thing is that with all this tech at home I pretty much keep my mouth shut about tech at work, don't say a word, and get out of the way of agency IT. When you end up running the Windows For Warships variant of Windows 7 on almost all your desktop computers and were on XP still during the special pay-for-support don't get involved in that mess.
  • Heading Into The New Week...

    2017-05-22T01:59:21Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    Charter/Spectrum is dying out here. Multiple television channels are not coming in. I can't reach I've got ASTROCONTROL online to check the take from the Outernet board and am putting it on the internal lighttpd-based server for viewing since the Outernet board doesn't sustain connections well. Northeast Ohio shouldn't be so challenged as to broadband connectivity...
  • Simply Cannot Sleep

    2017-05-12T03:28:36Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    Now where was I...

    Inspiration: 😴

    JanKusanagi at 2017-05-12T09:10:12Z

  • Firing Comey, Finding Today, Future Planning, And You

    2017-05-10T01:59:31Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    Why yes, I am a federal civil servant. Thanks for not asking. As the program chair in the Emergency Management Planning program at Lakeland did ask me this lately, I should mention what future career plans may be. Heck, with the sudden firing of a bureau chief over in one of the other executive departments tonight things remain tense in the executive branch. It is always useful to plan. In my case I am trying to stand up the Domestic Mission Field Activity at my church. Beyond the typical missionary works you might expect of such a body, the Activity is also intended to act as a Voluntary Agency for the purposes of Emergency/Disaster Management. Churches typically help in disasters, after all, in the USA context. People generally forget that the Salvation Army is a paramilitary Christian organization of folks who are not quite mainstream Methodists, after all. Folks who might want to contribute financially to creating the startup seed for having such a help base rooted in northeast Ohio where it might be deployable to other areas can write to Elmer Ford & Hays Wood, West Avenue Church of Christ, 5901 West Avenue, Ashtabula, Ohio, 44004. The USA has been lucky to have ducked so many hurricane seasons lately that we are overdue to get hit and congregations within my tradition generally engage in ad hoc support whenever that happens. Building a base for the future for response would be a work that could be called good, I suppose. The metaphorical Sword Of The State has been very heavy to bear as of late in my current job and I want to lay it down some day.
  • Crashed the Outernet board again...

    2017-05-07T03:45:18Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    So, here is what I did. The Outernet board runs software built with Buildroot. Nothing wrong with that necessarily. Busybox plus Dropbear plus, for reasons unknown to me, VSFTPD. I still have systems problems so using Transmit for iOS will NOT connect to Dropbear on the Outernet box for SFTP. It will connect for FTP, though. I do have SSH access to the Outernet board so I used Cathode for iOS to have a Strong Bad-like SSH session. I used tar to create a tarball of all the downloaded files so I could review them off the board. The board is being kept isolated from the main house network so that it is only receiving the satellite field. I had to do some jiggery-pokery on the board to create the tarball with the flags cvnpJ (n is for seekable archive, p is for preserving permissions) before I got to f and then the filename. I successfully used FTP to get the file off the board. Then the board crashed for unknown reasons. It is a bit late for me to head out to the garage to see what happened. I'm probably going to have to reflash the board yet again. This thing does not rate well in my eyes at all.
  • Falling Back

    2017-05-06T19:10:44Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    Well, I have yet to complete triage on the laptop that seemingly died. Currently I am down to the RPi 2 being my main almost-desktop computer running Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 with an RPi as a parasite slave to it. The slaved RPi B+ has a GPIO serial connection so I can access it via screen as well as via ssh. Most of my long-form writing is taking place via iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard while the iPad is on a stand. I am having to brush up on how to use mutt as that will be the easiest way to access e-mail from either RPi at the moment when I am not using the iPad device. I do have an Android-based mobile phone-type device but that has serious limitations. Eventually triage this weekend will help me determine what route I can take in restoring things or otherwise taking action
  • Sadly...

    2017-05-02T01:00:22Z via p To: Public

    Well, I will not need to worry about moving to Canada. That school up there that had me under consideration dropped me as a candidate.
  • Clock remains running

    2017-04-27T23:51:38Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    For those keeping score at home:

    The current stopgap bill may yet be pulled. Why, you might ask? See:

    Senate Dems block quick vote on short-term spending bill -

    All this discussion by the news media of introduction of bills, intentions to act, and the like are pretty much useless. Until any bill has passed both houses in the same form, has been presented to the President, and has been signed by the President it is not law. Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 requires appropriations to be made by law. Current law says appropriations run out at 11:59:59 PM on Friday night. Regardless of anybody having good me the signed law. Until then, don't tell me it is fixed. Nothing is fixed yet.

  • HERE WE GO...

    2017-04-25T02:25:07Z via Dianara To: Public, Stephen Sekula CC: Followers

    Clock is running:

    If the US Congress doesn't figure things out before then, I get to be sent home on Leave Without Pay indefinitely as there won't be legal authority under Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the federal constitution to pay most anybody. The Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction projects are exempt from this as they already have full appropriations passed for the entirety of Fiscal Year 2017. The rest of the federal government does not.

    Yes, this will indirectly impact @Stephen Sekula as grant disbursements may stop if not already made to his employing institution. In my case, I lose my job for a period of time. Unlike the rest of the government which basically spends money, my job is part of the agency that brings in 92% of the gross so the other agencies have something to spend.

    Circumstances are a bit different this time as we basically have a madman in the White House. Riding 4 casinos into bankruptcy takes a special kind of person. He's already trying to wheel and deal on the budget for the remaining months of FY2017 and the last words from congressional negotiations being reported is that the bill being developed is kinda sorta a bit of a steaming pile of diseased goat turds. While there is happy talk of a shutdown not being expected by anybody, that's merely happy talk.

    In the end, only one thing matters. A bill being based by both the House of Representatives and the Senate in the same form that is presented to the President that is signed by him into law. You can be as positive as you want about negotiations, give happy talk to the media, and say all is well publicly. None of that meets the requirement of Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the federal constitution to pay the bills, dang it.

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    Thanks for your perspectives on all this, Stephen.

    Indeed, I can confirm that the entirety of US particle physics will grind to something of a halt if the Congress fails to ocntinue funding this year, or if the President vetos the funding and the Congress cannot override the veto. However, the money for our present grant year has already been dispersed to SMU (that happened just ahead of the start of our grant cycle, which is currently April 1, 2017 - March 30, 2018. So we can continue to pay people, etc.

    But the national laboratories, on which we depend for nearly ALL infrastructure (engineering, construction, testing, design, fabrication, and yes, even physics analysis tools like supercomputer clusters, and scientists who do research) will suffer. They will shutdown, or furlough people, or both, until the budget is resolved. So SMU will soldier on because the US DOE has already provided the funds for our "base grant" (basic spending on student, post-doc, scientist, and faculty summer salaries, as well as some travel) to spend for our grant cycle; but nearly everything else will grind to a halt. And, to add to this, any institution that HASN'T obtained its grant dispersement for the year will have no money if their fiscal year begins during the shutdown.

    So.... yeah... this is all very scary.

    Stephen Sekula at 2017-04-25T08:34:54Z

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    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-04-25T10:59:14Z

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    Here are some arguments against the budget ceiling from Univ Kansas City MO, MMT/Modern Money theory:

    Intro/Promo/Wrapper for MMT

    cjiljdw at 2017-04-25T11:03:42Z

  • Broken Hardware Again

    2017-04-24T01:48:59Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    I did not think a C.H.I.P. would be that fragile. All I did was disconnect the power adapter from the power strip, swap in a UPS, and plug it back in. It does not work now. Essentially the Outernet receiver is dead for the moment. With the C.H.I.P. folks re-tooling again, I have to wait to get a new board to flash to have Outernet reception. Since this has been an external evaluation, I may wind up writing the paper way sooner than expected with far harsher reporting.

    I'll check in the morning to see if it comes back up. If not, we've got one more avenue to check options-wise (re-flashing) before calling the hardware dead.

  • SitRep 20170/22 1916Z

    2017-04-22T18:16:29Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    Finally got the bridging in place to bring the feed from the Outetnet unit from the detached garage into the house. Polling the unit should be a bit easier now, I hope.
  • 2017-04-11T10:31:35Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    17 days until a US federal government partial shutdown.  Indefinite layoff with the chance of no unemployment is not amusing.
  • As seen via Yaics over in ostatus land...

    2017-04-09T20:16:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Sometimes, you can see the most strange and flaming things.

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    Sean Tilley is hardly uninformed. That was pretty unfairly harsh though, I agree.

    It is true that's HTML interface could become much, much better, which has been well known since forever. But hopefully the solution is to get people excited about it.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-04-09T23:09:04Z

    >> Christopher Allan Webber:

    “[...] Sean Tilley is hardly uninformed. [...]”

    Well, that comment was highly uninformed. Plus the "garbage" thing (gee, thanks for the respect...), but that's a different issue.

    I don't think anyone will deny that's "default" web interface is primitive, but is much more than that and that's been always the point.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-04-09T23:45:03Z

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    what is "Yaics"?

    another network or a client?

    Michael at 2017-04-16T11:51:51Z

    >> Michael:

    “what is "Yaics"?

    another network or a client?”


    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2017-04-16T13:47:32Z

  • Avoiding April Fool's Day

    2017-04-01T02:14:27Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    What do I have to do instead of messing with April Fool's Day pranks?

    1. Read financials for Great Lakes Bible College in Canada.

    2. Work on my homework for my emergency management classes.

    3. Design and build mounting for the Outernet equipment to better secure it in the garage.

    4. Put together a Wi-Fi bridge.

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  • Partial Success?

    2017-03-26T23:59:23Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    Some content is streaming in via Outernet. We've got one whole page from even!

  • My textbook needs a little updating...

    2017-03-26T23:57:54Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

  • And sometimes you just have to try harder

    2017-03-26T21:12:33Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    We moved this set up to the garage where it has seemingly a consistent signal lock inside the garage. The antenna is likely going to be put on top of the garage soon enough. In a couple hours I'll evaluate what we've received thus far from Outernet, I suppose.

  • The View Earlier Sunday From Firefox on iOS

    2017-03-20T01:02:11Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    And now back to reality and normal posting...

  • TeX Users Group

    2017-03-20T01:00:11Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    For some reason I decided to join. I suppose this may count as a good thing, perhaps.
  • Work Tears Me Apart

    2017-03-20T01:00:05Z via p To: Public CC: Followers

    I only worked three days this week. Stomach troubles sidelined me on Friday. An ulcer may be developing. On Monday I will be trying to visit primary care to check on factors for this.

    It was later determined after the original post was written that I don't get to visit primary care Monday.

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2017-03-20T01:02:52Z