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>> Elena ``of Valhalla'':

“Well, technically the UK, or at least England, is a theocracy: so I guess that as a country they do have a religion :)

As for the article, well, nowhere it does give even an hint of data that suggests that Islam is actually taking over, as opposed to very european agnosticism, atheism and religious indifference (iirc it was Douglas Adams who described a stereotypical Englishman who was a strong aderent of the Church of England: he wouldn't attend the services, but the services he was skipping were definitely the ones of the Church of England, not anything else; evidentely an exageration for comical effect, but based on observed reality even of a few decades ago)”

Relatively speaking some of the harder-line religious leaders in the USA would still have a problem with a woman being in charge of church affairs, but I digress.