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Shutting down the account

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Is it because I seriously annoyed a leftist woman by being dense and offending her social sensibilities? Actually, no.

There are stupid things going on at work. Agents from the Inspector General are on the prowl looking for who knows what. The head of the Directorate is coming to the site in two weeks and possibly talking about Reductions-In-Force. Otherwise normal members of our battallion-sized staff have become so strung out this season that they've been repeatedly ending the work day ranting and raving about the Ugly Americans they're having to deal with. Remember, we're US federal civil servants!

I only had the account open there because was taking a dirt nap which it apparently is doing again according to at last check. I'm spread a little thin across platforms. That needs to be reeled back in a bit.

I'll leave this attached picture from that other place just to show I got things backed up and downloaded. I have enough crazy to deal with during the day that Uncle Sam is paying me to handle on its behalf. There isn't enough staffing to handle all the potential watchlisting for Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer/Caution Upon Contact individuals and lately it seems like people are just going off their meds with reckless abandon.


Hopefully you'll be able to follow Mastodon users from here "soon" =)

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