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I can't let @Stephen Sekula hog all the blogging about COVID-19. I had some unhappy things to say about the situation here in Ohio. By the end of the week we'll have a clearer idea what Lockdown 2.0 will look like and what Governor Mike DeWine will be looking for before he imposes it.

The man already said at today's press conference that he's frightened. That is so not good. While he might have said he has metrics he may throw them out the window and jump straight to lockdown if things don't calm down. Sadly we would need far more police than are currently employed in the state to enforce Lockdown 2.0 as people are casually disregarding many laws now. No, deploying the Ohio Army National Guard on a Title 32 mission to back up law enforcement still doesn't provide enough cadre either.

There is certainly enough consternation to go around. :-)


Thanks for sharing your local perspectives on this.

Stephen Sekula at 2020-06-30T22:20:41Z