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Think Hurricane Irma Is Going To Bad? You've Missed A Hidden Point...

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Flavelle, C., & Wasson, E. (2017, September 5). FEMA Is Almost Out of Money and Hurricane Irma Is Approaching. Bloomberg.Com. Retrieved from

FEMA's cash to respond to incidents comes out of the federal budget account known as the "Disaster Relief Fund". There is about $1 billion left in it and about half of that is already obligated. That leaves $0.5 billion to handle a hurricane potentially hitting the US Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto, and who knows where on the mainland.

The fiscal year also ends on September 30th at 11:59:59 PM and there are no valid appropriations past that point. We've got the not so happy situation coming of the Disaster Relief Fund running dry and response employees going without pay until Congress gets its act together.

While DACA and other issues of the day may be important, they kinda pale in comparison to the government running out of money to operate while cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey and dealing with Hurricane Irma inbound. Don't flood your members of the House and Senate with too many bits of correspondence. Prioritize your contacts. Basics first that can cause catastrophe now and if you want to deal with DACA you've got six months to deal with that.