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I have dreamt a dangerous dream...

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When the US Government simply buys up a controlling share of the stock of Twitter on the open stock market through the DoD black budget, seats a bunch of lieutenant colonels on the board of directors of that company, and shuts the whole thing down for the sake of preserving our national security. Jim Geraghty's Morning Jolt from Friday (see under "Who Really Controls the President’s Twitter Account?" is truly a scary read. He does put forward a truly plausible way Twitter could help cause an atomic conflict.

Might as well shut down Facebook for safety's sake too. The nightmare only had Twitter getting that fate. There's no reason really to leave Facebook out or to leave Google+ standing.

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One of the many reasons to not use, and ask people not to use, the centralized silos.

Please Clown Trump, shut down the social silos for the sake of """"national security"""" =)

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