Stephen Michael Kellat

So, we're back?

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Related work: Kellat, S. M. (2020, January 28). A Disappearance. Coyote Works.

Beware falling anvils, comrades. I don't like when this site makes extended disappearances. I'm most certainly not visible in the Mastodon/Pleroma/GNU Social/whatever realms nowadays. If I am present on Twitter then that presence can't be acknowledged at this time. If Identica takes an extended nap you should look for me on the Coyote Works blog. It runs ikiwiki and so far hasn't gone kablooey on me.

Then again, much like a tree falling in a forest with nobody around I feel pretty sure nobody will see this post let alone the blog.

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Somebody did 😅

JanKusanagi at 2020-01-31T09:17:10Z

at least 2 people see this post 😅

Michele Montagna at 2020-02-03T17:21:04Z