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What Now?

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Work continues, I suppose. There is no budget for FY2020 adopted. The crazy people in Congress are proposing that the President be impeached. Nobody wants to do their job at the highest command levels whether in Congress or the White House.

My ability to continue in my job is compromised. This is specifically on grounds of health. Sadly this is not a unique issue in my line of work. I'll be abandoning the employer before the end of the year it appears.

Work has been rough enough that I've had very bad bouts of bruxism. I've destroyed four mouth guards in just under four months. This is not a sign of good health.

Life has been dominated by "Uncle Stupid" to the point that I have very little life away from work.

I'm pushing for things to improve. Making good on that is the next step. Sometimes I remember to update the blog, too.

hope it gets better!

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