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I took my last call of filing season on Friday evening just before 5:18 PM when we get to sign off.

My tour of duty doesn't include Mondays. I offered to do overtime Monday to help with workload but I'm not needed.

On Tuesday, the principal filing deadline, I am off-duty as a I have a medical appointment in Conneaut.

I finished the filing season by taking calls on essentially "punishment duty". There are 5 days for "perfection" of rejected e-filed tax returns starting after the deadline on April 17th for people to fix things if their last minute e-files are screwed up. I'll be back on a normal gate on the phone system by then.

Cardiac issues were starting to develop slightly. Fluid retention in my hands and feet were causing them to swell up pretty badly. My blood pressure one day after getting home was 130 over 85 after being home for 3 hours since work ended. This will be talked about Tuesday.

Surprisingly there was not an exchange of thermonuclear warheads Friday night. If you don't know what I'm referring to then be glad. You don't want to know.

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