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On Groundhog Day

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Why yes, certain agency officers were having SHUTDOWN PREPARATION MEETINGS again. I'm still designated essential with that designation expiring on April 18th when filing season concludes. Appropriations for all agencies run out at 2359 ET on 2018-02-08.

If you're looking for a tax refund while we're shut down if we're shut down, you won't get it. No money can be paid out. Payments would be received in from taxpayers, though. Taxpayer Advocate Service won't be able to provide hardship help. Taxpayer Advocate Service is deemed non-essential so no ombudsman services will be available for anybody. The services of the Taxpayer Assistance Centers for face-to-face service are deemed non-essential so they would be shut down too.

This is a congressional election year. There won't be full appropriations passed before the end of the fiscal year and I think there is no point to try anymore on FY18 since there is a need to write appropriations up for FY19 which starts at 0001 ET on 2018-10-01. Going into an election without appropriations would just be stupid but expected at this point.

I'm starting to understand what Bill Murray's character was going through in that movie.