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1. For Android 9+ only: Animations of animated images are shown by default. Both in attachments and in avatars. GIF and WebP are supported. Settings -> Appearance -> "Show image animations" option allows to turn this behavior off. It appears that currently only ActivityPub and networks (i.e. server parts of them) support WebP and keep GIFs as is. Other servers simply reject WebP and convert GIFs to video...

2. Animated images and video on Twitter are shown as preview image with a "Play" button on it. This is the same behavior as for other social networks.

3. "Play" button on a video preview image is moved to the bottom corner to allow better view of the image.

4. Screen orientation is not "unspecified", as before, but is set to "The user's current preferred orientation", set by a User for the whole Android device. In particular, this allows to use landscape mode on smartphones (and not on tablets only, as before).

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As of today, #AndStatus v.57.03 is available both in Google Play and in #F-Droid

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