AndStatus v.19.0 released. Drafts, Unsent messages and Message Editor enhancements.

1. Drafts may be saved and edited later, like in any emailing application. One "Clear and hide" action button is replaced with two: "Save draft" and "Discard".
2. Drafts and Unsent messages are shown with their attachments in a Home, User timelines, and also in a tree of a Conversation view. Plus they have their own timelines: Drafts and Outbox (again, just like in an email application). Unsent messages may be "Resent" and "Edited" via a Message Context menu.
3. Attached images are immediately saved by AndStatus in its internal storage to avoid expiration of links and errors during sending of these attachments and especially, during resending after failed attempts...
4. Layout of the Message Editor changed. It's expanded to show a text of a message we are replying to. Thumbnail of an attached image, its size in pixels and a file size in kilobytes are shown. "Send" button moved to an Action Bar.
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