Showing correct recipient in "in reply to" at I looked carefully at that screenshot and didn't notice an error. Where do you think the wrong "in reply to" is?
Please note that a number in parenthesis to the right of "in reply to..." shows note's number in the conversation, to which this note is a reply.

I didn't mean anything visible in the image, I meant the "inReplyTo" field in the JSON data must be wrong, because you're producing activities such as "updated an image in reply to a comment", where "an image" is a link to the image post (as it should be), but "a comment" is not a link to anything (BUT it should be).

Just go to right now and look at your Meanwhile feed; you'll see several of those. This probably comes from the fact that you're replying to things with "image" objects, NOT with "comment" objects, and that's not supported, so bad things happen.

JanKusanagi at 2018-04-20T12:26:02Z