#AndStatus v.38.02 "Video attachments and Titles for notes" is published at

#AndStatus v.38.02 "Video attachments and Titles for notes" is published at an Open Beta testing channel and just waits for your confirmation that it is ready for release
What's new:
1. Video file can be attached to a new note. A thumbnail of the video attachment is shown in a timeline. Video attachment may be viewed the same way as an image attachment.
2. Added titles (names) for notes of and Mastodon (where they are called "CW").
3. Added "Public" checkbox to the Note Editor to mark a note explicitly as public or not public. Currently this option is available for only.
4. Click on an attached image or video opens corresponding viewer/player application.
5. Added an option for "Collapse duplicates" that allows it to find not only adjacent duplicates ("distance" = 1), but also duplicates, separated by other notes: Timeline -> "Maximum distance between duplicates" which defaults to "5" now. Setting it to 0 disables the "Collapse duplicates" feature.
6. Fixed: All users, mentioned as @username in a text of an incoming note, are identified and used in Notifications. Multiple note recipients are supported for

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