Deceased. Please use ''.

Deceased. Please use ''. at

So this is it then. We have waited with baited breath for 5 whole weeks to see @dvdmrsdn decide to embrace (odd timing) and @rpcutts pissing around with bold, italic and BIG writing.

I was expecting moans about the Web interface, questions about remote follow, bug reports, praise for Evan, people saying 'Sorry but this just isn't for me' or a fleeting guest appearance from Marjolein K.

I am disappoint.

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Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2013-07-11T16:17:14Z

there's all that ... check some comments on Evan's posts

axel668 (inactive) at 2013-07-11T16:36:07Z

I honestly don't know how the big text happened. Additional experiments proved fruitless.

rpcutts at 2013-07-11T17:18:40Z

Although I managed to reset my password, I was unable to post anything directly to yesterday. I had to reset my password again this morning and now everything seems to work just as expected. I may well not quit Quitting on you, though.

Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-07-12T07:04:10Z