Joe Corneli


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Susan Pinochet

    Atlanta, United States

    avid computer user, former programmer, lover of good design, armchair philosopher, lesbian homemaker

  • Ruth Suehle

  • Wouter Tebbens

    Barcelona, Spain

    aims to contribute to the building of a Free Knowledge Society, based on intellectual freedom, access to knowledge, participation, community, voluntary engagement, peer production, liberated markets, cryptocurrencies, complementary currencies, commons governance, transparency, solidarity, abundance, renewable energy, sustainability

  • Mr. Danoff

    Half Day, United States

    Founder & CEO of Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory. The lab's been simplifying e-learning and Open Education since '09.

  • Deb Nicholson

    Boston, United States

    I like noisy music, tasty food and free software.

  • Matt Lee

    Boston, United States

    Internet has-been, AOL user.