pump.io sucks

pump.io sucks at

Developer #Evan Prodromou has chosen to change the software platform because with pump.io he can water #corn. All the fun of subsistence farming brought to life on the federated social web.
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Erkan Yılmaz at 2013-07-22T08:47:50Z

pump.io sucks likes this.

pump.io rocks, but you're, apparently, unable to understand...

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2013-08-11T23:42:28Z

@JanKusanagi No, it doesn't. You're just deluded, trying to convince yourself it doesn't suck so much. Write this on a rock…Beware the Concorde Fallacy.

pump.io sucks at 2013-08-24T14:16:05Z