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Mageia GNU/Linux + KDE Plasma user. I also use Debian GNU/Linux and Archlinux. Jabber/XMPP chatter, Pumper, C/C++/Qt coder. Developer of the Dianara pump.io client. Some tips for pump.io: http://communicationfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/pump-io-tips/ And if your Pump.io server is identi.ca, check this out: https://identi.ca/jankusanagi/note/IpfiW7kBQYuXt6H7odMzQQ

  • Swift 3.0 Beta 1 jabber/XMPP client is out!

    2015-02-28T02:57:33Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Swift is a great jabber/XMPP client application for desktop systems, very easy to use and ideal for new users. Check it out! =)

    The first beta of the upcoming Swift 3.0 has been released

    “We’ve just released a Swift 3.0 beta. A fuller list of new features is available on the download page, but highlights include file transfer support, keyword highlighting, nuisance user blocking and seamless multi-person chats. We encourage everyone to get the new build and try it out, and tell us about any bugs they should come across as we work towards release candidates and a final release.”


    These are the main changes since 2.0:

    • Chats can now be seamlessly upgraded to multi-person chats by either inviting someone via the ‘cog’ menu, or dragging them from the roster. This relies on server-side support with an appropriate chatroom (MUC) service.
    • Highlighting of keywords and messages from particular users can now be configured (Keyword Highlighting Blog post).
    • Full profile vcards (contact information etc.) are now supported and can be configured for the user and queried for contacts.
    • Simple Communication Blocking is now supported (subject to server support) to allow the blocking of nuisance users.
    • Swift can now transfer files via the ‘Jingle File Transfer’ protocol.
    • The status setter will now remember previously set statuses and will allow quick access to these when the user types part of a recently used status.
    • Tooltips for contacts in the roster now show their vcard profile information
    • The top of the roster window now shows a tooltip with your vcard profile information in
    • Chatrooms (MUCs) can now be bookmarked by right-clicking on their entry in the Recent Chats list, or from the ‘cog’ menu for any room you’re currently in.
    • The tooltips for MUC occupants now show their affiliation and role in the room (e.g. Administrator)
    • A new “Compact Roster” setting removes avatars and statuses from the roster.
    • Support for ‘right-to-left’ languages has been improved.
    • A small number of emoticons will be automatically rendered when receiving text, e.g. :), this can be disabled from the View menu.
    • Swift now distinguishes between contacts who have chosen to show as ‘away’ and those whose clients have noticed they’re idle (requires support in contacts' clients).
    • Typing search terms with the roster selected will start to search for contacts matching the terms (useful for users with large rosters).
    • An experimental ‘Trellis’ view for viewing several chats and rooms at once has been added. This is currently hidden; contact us if you’re interested in testing this feature.
    • And assorted smaller features and usability enhancements.


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    Programas jabber/xmpp disponibles : n+1...

    xikufrancesc at 2015-02-28T03:36:19Z

    >> xikufrancesc:

    “Programas jabber/xmpp disponibles : n+1...”

    Pues mira, sera uno más, pero se ha puesto las pilas y por fin: "Swift can now transfer files via the ‘Jingle File Transfer’ protocol."

    Lo probare con Conversations.

    trinux at 2015-02-28T07:45:01Z

    >> sazius:

    “Looks nice, I can find any mention of OTR support, though.”

    I doubt that will be a priority for them. Swift is focused on being very simple to use to Jane and Joe User. I don't think something like OTR can fit in that xD

    JanKusanagi at 2015-02-28T13:44:04Z

  • Mwahahahahaaaaaa!!

    2015-02-26T22:02:25Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    We have plans.... evil plans!

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  • #jeffwecan

    2015-02-19T00:11:17Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Meet Jeff, the diseased lung in a cowboy hat, from Last Week Tonight (youtube.com)

    Now that's a fitting mascot for certain... products ;)

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    I had no idea that tobacco companies were still acting so repulsively. The amorality of corporations never ceases to amaze me.

    Charles Stanhope at 2015-02-19T03:34:23Z

  • Mageia 5, Beta 3 is out!

    2015-02-15T17:18:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “The release date was a close call between Friday, the 13th and Valentine’s day… but finally, Mageia 5 beta 3 is available for tests. You will find more information about it on the Release Notes page.”


    I upgraded my Mageia 4 to Cauldron (development branch, currently the same as Mageia 5b3) a few weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it =)

    An amazing distribution in general, and for GNU/linux beginners in particular ;)

    Estoy a punto de instalar junto a Mageia openSUSE. Curiosamente jamás he probado esa distribución.

    hermesgabriel at 2015-02-15T17:56:43Z

    Pinta muy bien, lo mismo hago como @hermesgabriel y la instalo junto a Xubuntu

    Charly Brown at 2015-02-15T18:00:09Z

    What's so special about mageia? I looked at their site, but couldn't figure out what makes them different or what's their speciality/goal etc.

    Aqeel Zafar at 2015-02-16T11:10:05Z

    >> Aqeel Zafar:

    “What's so special about mageia?”

    Well, I don't know if "so special" is the term here. What makes it so great, IMHO, is that it's oriented to novice users, while still being great for advanced users.

    It has some pretty great features for novices (some as part of its Mandrake/Mandriva legacy, some new), and it was easy to use with point-and-click (well, as Mandriva) way before Ubuntu came along claiming to be "for humans". Sadly, it never got as much attention from the media...

    JanKusanagi at 2015-02-17T14:55:27Z

  • Titles

    2015-02-14T16:41:20Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Or, in clearer words: if you add a title to your posts (if your client has that option, but most do), everyone, no matter which client they're using, will have a nicer "Meanwhile" feed, and much more useful e-mail notifications (for those who have them), so everybody wins ;)

    Not to mention the fact that some clients have bugs that break the activity's description when there's no title, and interactions with your untitled post might end up being just "Jane Doe posted a comment in reply to." (yes, in reply to nothing) or "John Doe favorited." (favorited what?).

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    Maybe so. Then again, most of my posts would be titled "Coffee time". May not help. ;)

    jpope at 2015-02-15T02:28:15Z

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    >> jpope:

    “most of my posts would be titled "Coffee time".”

    Orders of magnitude better than "a note" xD

    JanKusanagi at 2015-02-15T02:30:21Z

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    takes the freestyle out! reason why sharing is fun, you just put together whatever is on your mind, not too much effort, probably there should be auto-titles, like first line or first few words, or if pump goes AI, the crux would be better

    testbeta at 2015-02-15T14:50:19Z

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    >> testbeta:

    “you just put together whatever is on your mind, not too much effort”

    Just put part of what's on your mind in the title, then xD

    I think the picture speaks for itself, don't you? =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-02-15T15:03:26Z

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  • Dianara-dev usable again

    2015-02-08T16:21:12Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Some time ago I posted a note about how some breaking changes were coming to the development version of my Pump.io client, Dianara, which would break it in some ways, introducing a few regressions and making it... not fully usable for a while.

    Well, at this point, I'd say the current -dev, v1.3.0-alpha+19 is fully usable again! As it's the development version, you can expect some rough edges, but I happily use it every day, and in many ways, it works much better than the stable 1.2.5 version =)

    The main change has been the refactoring of the way the timelines are handled, which makes updates much faster now. Also, the annoying "timeline goes to top on update" effect is mostly gone. The number of unread posts is not reset on each update. If you get more new posts than what you have configured to show in one page, you'll be notified of how many more are pending to receive. The posts opened from the Meanwhile feed via the "+" button will now be able to load the comments much more often.

    Other smaller enhancements are a few new options in the Configuration dialog, such as the options to highlight comments made by you, or comments made by the author of a post and to choose the size of avatars (left side of the picture), or more obvious "frames" for shared posts (right side, and also optional).

    There's also an option to hide duplicated posts; that is, posts which were already visible in the timeline will not be shown again when someone shares them.

    One new feature that is not visible is nickname completion, a.k.a. "mentioning". If you type '@' while composing a post, you'll get a list of the people you follow. You can then type the first characters of a name and use the arrows and enter keys to select the contact you wish to mention. When creating a note, this will add that contact to the "To" list, which means they'll get your post in their "direct messages" inbox. This was possible before, using the "To" and "Cc" menus, but now it's simpler =)

    Check the current CHANGELOG for a more detailed list of changes.

    If you didn't already use the development version of Dianara and wish to try it out, you can find it here: https://gitorious.org/dianara 

    Happy testing! o/

    P.S.- Note that one of the rough edges is that old posts are not discarded at the moment, so the timelines will get bigger and bigger, and memory usage will increase over time.

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  • Why Germans don't play Scrabble

    2015-02-02T14:51:27Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Not bad xD

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    Es una lengua aglutinante, por lo que en realidad se jugaría al Intelect mucho mejor.

    Cada jugador va encadenando raíces hasta montar el chorizo gigantesco :-)

    Shevek (tcc M.P.) at 2015-02-02T15:47:21Z

    Jajaja para cagarse.

    Sólo para decir "tanque" te unen tres palabras.

    Ni lo intentes.

    Briareo Hecatonquiro at 2015-02-02T15:50:30Z

  • Hello Kev!

    2015-01-31T17:04:47Z via Dianara To: Public , Kevin Ford

    Do you know this guide? https://github.com/e14n/pump.io/wiki/User-Guide 

    The basics are explained there, either directly or in the links within =)

    Other than that, feel free to post your doubts here, either as new posts or as replies to this message.

    Welcome! o/

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    Trying to build latest stable 1.2.5 version of your Dianara client on elementaryOS so I can see more of the pumpiverse, but not having much luck:
    $ qmake-qt4 ..
    works, but
    $ make
    breaks with:
    ../src/pumpcontroller.h:48:26: fatal error: qjson/parser.h: No such file or directory

    I may not have all required libraries installed...

    Kevin Ford at 2015-01-31T17:28:00Z

    Yes, you need qjson-dev, whatever the exact name of the package is in that distribution. It's all listed in the INSTALL file.

    However, you could, probably, use the package from Debian Sid =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-01-31T17:34:04Z

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    >> JanKusanagi:

    “Yes, you need qjson-dev, whatever the exact name of the package is in that distribution. It's all listed in the INSTALL file.

    However, you could, probably, use the package from Debian Sid =)”

    Thanks for the tip. Managed to build it ok. Still learning the interface. Nice client!

    Kevin Ford at 2015-01-31T18:17:31Z

  • 17 unusual pets that you can own

    2015-01-29T21:16:19Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, but owning an exotic one can be a full-time job.”

    Of course, adorable armadillos can't be missing from such a list:

    And neither can axolotls!


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    Thanks Jan. Had a bad day today. Long day at work, damage to my car and the 8 'o clock news being canceled because of a hostage situation, confirming the world is one fire. Could use some nice and innocent pictures of cute animals.

    roelofpieter at 2015-01-29T21:42:55Z

    >> roelofpieter:

    “Thanks Jan. Had a bad day today.”

    Glad it helped =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-01-29T22:10:08Z

  • Mageia 5 beta 2 is out!

    2015-01-19T00:59:43Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    "After several delays the beta 2 version of Mageia 5 is finally out! You can find more information here.

    But, it seems that yet again we need to postpone the Mageia 5 release.

    Due to various difficulties with EFI boot, grub 2 and a few other things, we need a little more time. Only a few members of our QA team have EFI-based machines, so if you do have such equipment please test Beta 2 and report your experience.

    Our QA, Packagers and ISO teams are working around the clock to bring us all a stable and secure release, but they still need to work out a few kinks.

    Therefore, we are planning one more Beta release before the release candidate. So the final timeline looks like this:

    • Beta 3 – February 3
    • RC – February 24
    • Final release – March 10

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding, and in case you were wondering if there’s anything you could do to help, just ask the teams!

    We need as many people as possible to try this beta in order to identify any remaining problems. Please report any problems that you experience in the forums, mailing lists or, preferably, in bugzilla. Also don’t forget to check the errata."


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    >> Fabián Gómez:

    “pregunta tecnica: ¿que sistema de archivos es recomendable para cada particion?( /, /home u otro mas que se me fuera)”

    Hombre, lo normal, y muy muy probado, es ext4, que por supuesto, es la opcion predefinida que usara el instalador salvo que se le indique otra cosa explicitamente.

    JanKusanagi at 2015-01-19T02:30:11Z

    mayormente pregunté por temerario, en mas de un foro a ext4 ya comienzan a verlo como si fiera el sistema-de-archivos/pieza-de-museo que aun usa windows

    Fabián Gómez at 2015-01-19T02:37:51Z

    Pues que lo vean como quieran, pero sigue siendo un buen sistema de archivos muy probado, y la opcion mas estandar. Hasta que Btrfs no este mas probado y pulido, tenemos Ext4 para rato.

    JanKusanagi at 2015-01-19T02:40:29Z

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    >> Fabián Gómez:

    “mayormente pregunté por temerario, en mas de un foro a ext4 ya comienzan a verlo como si fiera el sistema-de-archivos/pieza-de-museo que aun usa windows”

    Como dice Jan ext4 suele ser lo normal en la mayoría de distribuciones para entornos de escritorio, aunque ya hay distribuciones como opensuse, fedora, kaos etc que apuestan por otros sistemas de archivos por defecto como btrfs o xfs.

    Por ejemplo, yo en las particiones de sistema (volúmenes lógicos en mi caso ya que uso luks+lvm) /boot, /, /home suelo utilizar ext4. Sin embargo, tengo otra máquina en casa que ejerce de "servidor casero" en que tengo un volume lógico de casi 3 TB para almacenamiento de datos masivos (descargas, películas, etc) en el que uso XFS que suele ser óptimo trabajando con ficheros muy grandes y que de momento, tanto en este volumen como en un par de discos externos que utilizo para backup no me ha dado ningún problema, aunque si hablas con luisgf@mipump.es no estará muy de acuerdo ya que parece que ha tenido alguna que otra "mala experiencia" con XFS en cuanto a fallos en la integradidad de los datos (creo que con ext4 también), siendo un defensor de ZFS y/o Btrfs. :)

    eomer at 2015-01-19T14:02:05Z

  • Funny wedding invitations

    2015-01-15T21:22:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    If you're getting married, you should send invitations like these! xD


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  • Happy Gnu Year!!

    2014-12-31T23:21:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Happy 2015, pumpipeople!!


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    Happy GNU year for the people who likes free software and freedom, and also, for the others... :P

    talo at 2014-12-31T23:23:46Z

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    Happy and free 2015 (and so on...)

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2014-12-31T23:40:49Z

    Happy Ñu year
    ( por aca faltan 6 horas .. pero da igual)

    Fabián Gómez at 2014-12-31T23:56:56Z

  • Christmas Special!

    2014-12-26T01:14:23Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I almost forgot about the Christmas special of Doctor Who! =)

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  • Baby numbat

    2014-12-21T18:21:52Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Here's an adorable baby numbat from Perth Zoo, in Australia.

    “The Zoo’s Native Species Breeding Program has enjoyed a successful year breeding Western Australia’s state mammal emblem, the Numbat. Fourteen babies born to four females made 2011 one of the best years for Numbat breeding at the Zoo.”


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  • Breaking Dianara-dev

    2014-12-20T14:34:51Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Hi there, pumpiverse! o/

    A heads-up for users of Dianara who run the development version and update it often.

    Now that Dianara v1.2.5 is out, I'm introducing some potentially breaking changes in the way the different feeds are updated, which means some functionality could be reduced or broken for a while. Some of it is only in my hard drive, but I'll be pushing it to the gitorious.org repo soon.

    If you'd rather avoid possible regressions, don't pull from git for a while, or keep a copy of v1.2.5 around ;)

    That being said, what I'm about to push should be pretty usable anyway, but bigger changes are coming, hence this little warning.


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    >> Eugenio M. Vigo:

    “Maybe you could create a new branch and refrain from merging it into master until the issues are solved...”

    I've considered that several times in the past, but this is a small project run by myself alone, so I've always concluded that I don't need the extra complication. What I push to the public repo is usually stable enough. This will probably be, too, but it's a bigger change that affects main functionality, so I'm warning those brave -dev users, just in case =)

    >> Edward:

    “Which code editor are you using there?”

    It's Qt Creator.

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-20T16:52:07Z

    IMO "Master is where you develop"; if your software has stable branches those should be explicit.

    None of this "develop" branch nonsense.

    Owen Shepherd at 2014-12-20T20:30:59Z

    Go for it. If it breaks, it breaks. All part of the fun of pulling right from the Development Git.

    And thanks for all the hard work.

    Freemor at 2014-12-21T01:34:27Z

    Well, for now the change in how the minor feeds (Meanwhile, Mentions and Actions) are handled is up, along with internal adjustments for the Timelines.

    It should not be disrupting, though there are a few issues. But then again, the previous method had its own issues, and the new method is waaay faster and smoother ;)

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-21T21:43:52Z

  • One Dianara v1.2.5, coming up!

    2014-12-16T20:02:55Z via Dianara To: Public , Stephen Michael Kellat , Mònica , Filipe Saraiva CC: Followers

    Hi! As planned, here’s a new release of Dianara for the end of the year.

    Some of the main new features are the new Mentions and Actions feeds, which are basically the same as the Meanwhile feed, but with only activities addressed to you, and only activities done by you. Then, the expandable labels. Some of the information labels such as the “10 minutes ago” or “7 likes” in posts will expand when clicked, to show extra information. Some parts of that extra information were available previously in tooltips (when hovering with the mouse), but now that extra information might contain clickable links, too, such as user names.

    Also, the way of showing when a post got to your timeline via sharing is clearer and more informative, and pasting a link that looks like it’s pointing to an image will ask if you wish to insert it as a regular link or as a visible image.

    Check the release blog post for a complete changelog, etc.


    Cheers! o/

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    Woot.. Just did a pull and build.. Thanks for the hard work.

    Freemor at 2014-12-16T22:37:59Z

    Hoy mismo he hablado de tu gran trabajo. Sigue asi :)

    talo at 2014-12-17T00:07:31Z

    Acabo de compilar la nueva versión y está simplemente genial!! Muchas gracias @jan por el gran trabajo.

    Naurim at 2014-12-17T13:19:29Z

    Thank you all =)

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-18T15:34:27Z

  • Agents of SHIELD

    2014-12-11T01:33:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Catching up on season 2 of Agents of SHIELD =)

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    @jankusanagi@identi.ca es mejor personas of interest o the 100 (en mi opinión)

    l30bravo at 2014-12-11T06:42:56Z

    @xikufrancesc ¿Pero que esperais de un tipo de serie como esta? Es Marvel, es Agents of SHIELD. Vale que igual algo más curradilla podría estar, pero creo que cumple perfectamente con lo que es su objetivo, es simplemente eso, Marvel.

    Es, como siempre digo cuando alguien me pregunta ¿Te gusta lo referente a Marvel? Si. Pues la serie es eso, Marvel, no hay que esperar mas de lo que es.

    Panko at 2014-12-11T08:18:11Z

    I'm almost up to date now =)

    Only missing yesterday's episode.

    >> l30bravo:

    “es mejor personas of interest o the 100 (en mi opinión)”

    Bueno, para gustos colores. No se si esa sera mejor o no, o si me gustaria mas o no. Se que estoy viendo AoS, que mola xD

    >> Panko:

    “¿Te gusta lo referente a Marvel? Si. Pues la serie es eso, Marvel, no hay que esperar mas de lo que es.”

    Basicamente. Pero vamos, yo diria que por si misma esta muy bien.

    >> cronos:

    “No me termino de convencer, vi la primera hasta el capitulo 4 o 5 y no pude más. Pulgar abajo.”

    Bueno, es que para ver la chicha del asunto, probablemente necesitarias ver mas. Los primeros capitulos, como en muchas series, son solo para poner un poco en situacion a la audiencia, e ir situando las cosas.

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-11T22:07:00Z

  • Dianara + Mediagoblin

    2014-12-08T20:00:27Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Dianara is now in the GNU Mediagoblin bandwagon, too ;)

    Working with these nice people is awesome! \o/

    Before anyone rushes to tests things, know that you need a GMG server running the latest code from git, and that currently Dianara needs a few adjustments that I haven't pushed to gitorious.org because those won't be needed in the future.

    This is basically what kind-of-works now:

    • Uploading an image, with title and description.
    • Seeing your Activity timeline.
    • Commenting on your posted images.
    • Editing your posts and comments.

    Looking forward to the Mediagoblin 0.8.0 release ;)

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    Now we just need those mobile developers to get this working... I'd love for Puma or Impeller to do this, too!

    Stephen Sekula at 2014-12-09T13:05:13Z

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    >> Stephen Sekula:

    “Now we just need those mobile developers to get this working... I'd love for Puma or Impeller to do this, too!”

    I don't think they'll need to change much, if at all. Jessica and Chris are taking great care to make GMG's API behave like Pump's API, so it's transparent for the clients.

    There are a few differences to polish, but it's coming along very nicely =)

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-09T14:31:29Z

    Yeah, actually the fixes I made to Pumpa are no longer needed AFAIK, they were already fixed in the Mediagoblin end. (I still kept them because it makes Pumpa more robust in the face of "surprising" responses from the server :-)

    sazius at 2014-12-09T18:18:46Z

    If anyone wants to test this with Dianara-dev, now they just need to add DEFINES+=MEDIAGOBLIN in the 'qmake' step, when building from source.

    So, instead of what in my instructions is "qmake ..", you should run:


    Should work fine against any GMG server running up to date git master.

    Anyone already using Dianara can avoid messing up their current configuration by running "Dianara --config somenameforthegmgaccount".

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-09T22:37:38Z

  • Testing Dianara v1.2.5-beta3

    2014-11-26T16:12:12Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Hi! It's that time again!

    Dianara v1.2.5-dev has all the features I wanted for this version in place, pending some further testing and some polishing, so it's now been tagged as "beta 1" and could use some wider testing from more people.

    The main changes are, as illustrated in the image:

    • New Mentions and Actions feeds. These are basically the same as the Meanwhile feed, but with only activities addressed to you, and only activities done by you.
    • The expandable labels. Some of the information labels such as the "10 minutes ago" or "7 likes" in posts will expand when clicked, to show extra information. Some parts of that extra information was available previously in tooltips, but now that extra information might contain clickable links, too, such as user names.
    • A different way of showing when a post got to your timeline via sharing. Clearer and more informative.
    • Pasting a link that looks like it's pointing to an image will ask if you wish to insert it as a regular link or as a visible image.
    • Option to create basic tables.

    Take a look at the changelog for a more detailed list.

    You can find the development version of Dianara on Gitorious.org: https://gitorious.org/dianara 

    This can be considered as a "string freeze" notice, too. Hopefully there won't be any changes in strings until v1.2.5 is released, so it should be safe for translators to do their awesome job =)

    I'm targeting the week of the 15th of December for the final version but, as they say in Debian, when it's ready.

    After v1.2.5 is out, I intend to make some breaking changes, so next version will start the 1.3 series.

    Happy testing, and thanks for the help! o/

    Update: Now it's beta2, with a few small fixes and almost-complete translations =)

    Another update: Now beta3, with complete translations and nice fixes for memory leaks by Gregor Herrmann. Thanks!

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    working great ! now the mention and action tabs are working ... neat :)

    olm-e at 2014-11-26T16:41:09Z

    Now tagged as Beta 3, with great fixes for old memory leaks. These fixes seem to work great. Thanks, Gregor Herrmann! ;)

    JanKusanagi at 2014-12-04T01:55:31Z

  • My old phone was a cyberman!

    2014-11-22T16:32:35Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I realized the other day that my first cell phone was actually one of the Cybermen. How did I not see this earlier?

    I quickly removed the battery, of course. You never know...

    I don't want to be upgraded! xD

    Now to construct a Pandorica to lock it in...

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    That phone is adorable... like a chibi cyberman.

    cmhobbs at 2014-11-22T17:17:10Z

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