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Very close to purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5 (for Cyanogenmod usage), to gradually phase out my... N900.

Yep, still using an N900, will be 6 years in a couple weeks.

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I was running Diablo on my N800 before it died ... great little machine, but once nokia killed further Linux development I switched to Android machines.

B. Ross Ashley at 2015-12-29T05:45:14Z

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Yeah, Maemo's been a dead platform for years. The CSSU (community repos) gave Fremantle a bit of a limited extended life, but not much. I've just been holding out, waiting for something else, like the Neo900 or Ubuntu Phone or FairPhone or Jolla or Firefox OS or whatever else. There doesn't seem to be another solid option though, so I'm finally leaning Cyanogenmod.

Blaise Alleyne at 2015-12-29T16:32:04Z

Same here. Although my N900 stopped working years ago (2012) and I had to buy a Galaxy S2. Still using it (with Cyanogen), but it doesn't support Wind's frequencies, and it's also starting to show signs of age. However, now that Wind has been sold, maybe it's not worth worrying about it anymore...

Sergio Durigan Junior at 2016-01-07T20:53:01Z

I'm heading out to pick up my S5 right now!

Re: WIND, I don't think the sale matters so much in terms of hardware, because (a) in the short-term, Shaw/WIND will still be the better option, and (b) while Robelus and WIND use different frequency bands for 3G, I just realized that they're all using the same AWS frequency bands for LTE.

The S5 I bought is the G900W8 model, which is the exact same model being sold in Canada by WIND/Shaw, Rogers, Bell, TELUS...

So, I think newer devices might be a bit more portable between Canadian carriers in the LTE era... in case Shaw ever manages to out nasty Robelus...

Blaise Alleyne at 2016-01-07T21:01:40Z