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  • Bits from Debian: DebConf17 organization started

    Debian Project at 2016-09-07T01:16:54Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Link to original post: DebConf17 organization started

    DebConf17 will take place in Montreal, Canada from August 6 to August 12, 2017. It will be preceded by DebCamp, July 31 to August 4, and Debian Day, August 5.

    We invite everyone to join us in organizing DebConf17. There are different areas where your help could be very valuable, and we are always looking forward to your ideas.

    The DebConf content team is open to suggestions for invited speakers. If you'd like to propose somebody who is not a regular DebConf attendee follow the details in the call for speaker proposals blog post.

    We are also beginning to contact potential sponsors from all around the globe. If you know any organization that could be interested, please consider handing them the sponsorship brochure or contact the fundraising team with any leads.

    The DebConf team is holding IRC meetings every two weeks. Have a look at the DebConf17 website and wiki page, and engage in the IRC channels and the mailing list.

    Let’s work together, as every year, on making the best DebConf ever!

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  • 2016-08-18T13:48:19Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Squirrel steals G Pro and films tour of the trees -- queue multi-year baseless copyright battle and PETA lawsuit: , Ben Sturmfels like this.

  • Way to digital, U of T

    2016-08-16T18:01:44Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    From a book I was trying to access online through the University of Toronto library: "Borrow this ebook! Available on a 3 day loan. Returning it makes it available to someone else sooner."

    Reminds me of the Penny Arcade take on Playstation Home:

    There are things about Home that are simply beyond my understanding. Chief among these bizarre maneuvers is the idea that, when manufacturing their flimsy dystopia, they actually ported the pernicious notion of scarcity from our world into their digital one. This is like having the ability to shape being from non-being at the subatomic level, and the first thing you decide to make is AIDS. , Jason Self , jrobertson , ostfriesenmärz like this.

  • Strings

    2016-08-03T03:53:51Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    I've compiled videos (YouTube, Vimeo) that people have uploaded from the past 7 years of string arrangement work I've done:

    My work with strings comes usually in the form of QString or char* =)

    JanKusanagi at 2016-08-03T11:16:44Z

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  • es in Peace

    2016-07-15T13:23:56Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    This week, both the R and T keys of my N900 fell off, worn out from 6.5 years of usage.

    (I bought an S5 back in January, put on Cyanogenmod, but about a month ago the IMEI, which I discovered was not the one it shipped with, was blacklisted -- bunch of sketchy stuff from the retailer that I haven't sorted out yet... so I've been back to the N900...)

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    I really miss my n900. After all these years, it was the only phone I ever liked, both in form factor and in software.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-07-15T13:46:02Z

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    I do have a spare... my wife's old N900 is sitting on a shelf, and only had ~3 years of use... still has all it's keys and a working USB port... but the effort to migrate over there, and still having no usable web browser today, etc... I think the loss of these keys pushes me more back towards fixing my S5 than moving to that N900...

    Blaise Alleyne at 2016-07-15T14:00:49Z

    >> Christopher Allan Webber:

    “[...] the only phone I ever liked, both in form factor and in software. [...]”

    Did it run Maemo?

    Face at 2016-07-15T14:11:00Z

    @Face Yes, Maemo 5, which I loved.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-07-15T15:15:44Z

  • Anyone still using Tomboy?

    2016-07-03T04:17:19Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    Is anyone still using Tomboy Notes? What do you use for sync?

    I just spent a good 6-8 hours today pushing through an update from Django 1.4 LTS to 1.9 LTS that I'd begun but got stuck on in January (triggered updates to a bunch of dependencies...), for a Django service I'm running on my living room computer.

    This reminded me... I'm still running Snowy, which is Django 1.4, and abandoned... yet, it's worked solidly for me since 2010 or 2011, allowing me to sync between Tomboy on multiple machines, and Conboy on my N900. And then this year, to Tomdroid...

    I remember following Rainy, but it was a Mono-based service that I wasn't too thrilled to figure out how to run... and now it looks like there's Grauphel, an ownCloud app?

    But... Tomdroid kinda sucks (compared to Conboy). It chokes and crashes all the time, and editing is an awful experience... Conboy is one of my most used pieces of software, buggy at times, but pretty reliable and easy to use as long as I sync often...

    If you're still using Tomboy for notes, what do you use for sync? If not Tomboy, what are people using these days?

    I'm using Emacs org-mode for notes. Syncing I do with git at the moment, so it's more like manual version control than syncing :-)

    sazius at 2016-07-03T07:27:12Z

  • We Distribute at 2016-06-05T03:27:08Z via AndStatus To: Public

    What's going on with OwnCloud?

    The recent announcement of the OwnCloud Foundation followed by the announcement of fork of OwnCloud is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows. What happened? How did things get to this point?

    Catching the Next Cloud
    Earlier today, Frank Karlitschek, co-founder of #OwnCloud, made an announcement about the formation of a new project. Five weeks prior, he had left the company that he had helped start, and some of the core development team have followed him to their new project, NextCloud.


    Frank describes a vision for what he wants out of this new project and its respective community: a project that does development out in the open, without any contributor agreements or dual-licensing schemes, with a new trademark held by an independent foundation. A better company culture where shares are equally held by employees, with the hand of development decisions guided by the community-at-large rather than a disconnected small team.

    To paraphrase Frank, the best parts of OwnCloud are to be extended to fully support what the community has been asking for: better apps, with features that previously only existed for enterprise customers. In his own words:

    We will release a drop in replacement for ownCloud in a few weeks so that users and customers can easily upgrade to Nextcloud to benefit from the new bugfix and security improvements and features. Nextcloud GmbH will provide free support for all current ownCloud customers to simplify a transition.

    The OwnCloud Foundation

    "One of Frank’s criticisms concerned the need to strengthen the Community. In this regard, we have been working on the creation of the ownCloud Foundation, the formation of which we announced earlier this week."

    Recently, the OwnCloud project announced that it was setting up a foundation. While this is a welcome event for any Free Software project, it immediately raised eyebrows. Some of the main criticisms were focused on the nature of the board itself (only 2 seats are elected by the community - the other four are coporate), whereas others have pointed out that only OwnCloud Inc itself appears to have any sponsorship in the foundation.

    Meanwhile, a handful of developers of the OwnCloud platform announce that they are leaving their projects. Their announcements can be found on Planet KDE. The general theme appears to be that OwnCloud is putting its corporate needs above its community needs.

    The OwnCloud Foundation's had this to say on the matter:
    Today’s announcement by our former colleague Frank Karlitschek, that he intends to launch a competitive product to ownCloud into the market using recently poached developers, has both surprised us and – admittedly – disappointed us. In the past, Frank has made a wealth of contributions to the development of the ownCloud Community Edition. With today’s announcement, he is no longer related to the ownCloud project and has started a competing community.

    This ends on a particularly strange note, as OwnCloud finally concludes that it has to close its doors after their main lenders cancelled their credit. 8 employee contracts were terminated in the process, and the company will be forced to close its doors. Paradoxically "The ownCloud GmbH is not directly affected by this and the growth of the ownCloud Foundation will remain a key priority."


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    This ends on a particularly strange note, as OwnCloud finally concludes that it has to close its doors after their main lenders cancelled their credit. 8 employee contracts were terminated in the process, and the company will be forced to close its doors. Paradoxically "The ownCloud GmbH is not directly affected by this and the growth of the ownCloud Foundation will remain a key priority."

    I'm confused. What closed its doors? I would've thought the business, but the next sentence says the GmbH is not affected. Anyone know?

    Mike Linksvayer at 2016-06-03T16:01:35Z

    I think I've read somewhere, that the US branch "Inc." has to close down, while the "GmbH" which is the German branch can continue. But I don't have a link to prove.

    Tobias Diekershoff at 2016-06-03T16:19:55Z

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    >> Mike Linksvayer:

    “This ends on a particularly strange note, as OwnCloud finally concludes that it has to close its doors after their main lenders cancelled their credit. 8 employee contracts were terminated in the process, and the company will be forced to close its doors. Paradoxically "The ownCloud GmbH is not directly affected by this and the growth of the ownCloud Foundation will remain a key priority."

    I'm confused. What closed its doors? I would've thought the business, but the next sentence says the GmbH is not affected. Anyone know?”

    The developers themselves and the promise of their future intellectual properties was the asset or other collateral used to secure the debt?

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-06-05T19:41:54Z

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  • 2016-05-07T04:33:16Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    "dpkg: ... it looks like that went ok"

    Uh, that's reassuring...

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    Stephen Michael Kellat shared this. I am thinking we need to have a meme now about new suggested messages for dpkg to print. Like, "We made it. We made it. Don't look back. Don't you dare look back."

    Stephen Sekula at 2016-05-07T12:18:20Z

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  • 2016-03-29T00:30:16Z via AndStatus To: Public

    I'm starting to get serious web development geek fatigue. I frequently used WordPress and Drupal over the past 10 years. Drupal got radically more complicated with D8; WordPress is reinventing itself with Calypso. I feel no real desire to keep up with either.

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    Change is hard; change on the servers you administrate, triply so.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-03-29T00:43:53Z

  • Pumpa v0.9.2

    sazius at 2016-01-31T02:40:27Z via AndStatus To: Public

    There's a new minor Pumpa release v0.9.2 out.

    Biggest changes are:

    • New feature: user profile and avatar image editing.
    • Shares are now visualised with a recycling icon.
    • New language: Finnish.
    • Fixed bug where a shared object might be seen as already liked.
    • Fixed bug where certain authors were seen as being followed even though they weren't.

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    Building Pumpa on Mac OSX 10.11.3 (El Capitan) needs updated documentation. The Tidy dev files need to be installed. I'm looking into that now.

    William L. Anderson at 2016-02-01T02:05:49Z

    OK, thanks for testing! I don't have access to a Mac OS X system so I'm depending on others to test it :-)

    sazius at 2016-02-01T16:21:40Z

    OSX 10.11.3 report: Pumpa 0.9.2 crashes when selecting "New note" or "comment'. From the crash log it seems to be something between Qt and libtidy and initializing the new window. I do not have time right now to follow up on this.

    William L. Anderson at 2016-02-01T16:51:54Z

  • Firefox is discontinuing tab groups

    2016-01-28T19:51:21Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers


    Thankfully I just reduced my open tabs from ~300 to ~75 last month... time to go to Tab Zero...

    Tab Zero is something I can get behind

    Efraim Flashner at 2016-01-28T20:11:07Z

    And I had just started using the "tab groups" feature. I switched back to the tree style tabs ad-on I had been using. For as long as that works...

    Charles ☕ Stanhope at 2016-01-28T21:18:20Z

  • Tacere: Auto-silence mobile during calendar events

    2016-01-24T04:48:07Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    In switching from Maemo to Cyanogenmod this month, one of the nicest applications I found in F-Droid has been Tacere, which reads from your calendar to automatically switch the ring mode while events are active.

    It's 90% what I had imagined developing myself! In Maemo, I used a bash script with fcrontab to autosilence my N900 on regular times every week (e.g. during regular rehearsals, classes, mass, etc.). But I'd always wished I had a way to read from the calendar, to catch one-off events, like a meeting or concert, and automate the silence.

    Tacere basically does this! The only issues I've had so far is that by default it assumes you want it to take action for all events in a calendar, whereas I really just want to whitelist a few events... that's possible, but a bit counterintuitive given some of the design assumptions. Second issue is... I'm not entirely sure I have it working yet... I've had it ring when it was supposed to be silent! But I'm not sure I've got it configuration properly, so could be a user error... Still, very excited of the potential to get this working properly!

    Also, a nice surprise, since this was one of the things I was expecting to lose from my N900, not improve.

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    what phone are you using? Also, have you looked into any of the apps that allow you to install Debian or another Linux to run alongside android?

    Efraim Flashner at 2016-01-24T05:30:55Z

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    I'm not sure but I'm hoping so. I'm not sure how easily it can access the rest of the file system, but I'm still trying to think of what programs I'd want to run.

    Efraim Flashner at 2016-01-24T08:34:59Z

  • Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2016-01-21T14:56:09Z via AndStatus To: Public

    mjg59 | Linux Foundation quietly drops community representation
    The Linux Foundation is an industry organisation dedicated to promoting, protecting and standardising Linux and open source software[1]. The majority of its board is chosen by the member companies [...] Up until recently individual members ($99 a year) could also elect two board members, allowing for community perspectives to be represented at the board level.

    As of last Friday, this is no longer true.

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  • 2016-01-16T01:26:26Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Pet peeve: email newsletters that duplicate most but not all from the RSS feeds. I'd like special announcements that aren't posted on the website, but I'm a grown-up and can subscribe to your blog. You don't have to email me every day just with blog posts. I know how to find them, thanks.

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  • New Computers: N900 to S5, X60 to... X200?

    2016-01-09T09:24:10Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    Procrastination has led me to focus on upgrading computers...

    I think I'm 70% sold on replacing my X60 with a Libreboot X200. I've made some progress on speeding up the X60 (e.g. see the IceWeasel improvement, but feedback on my post and a great discussion on LibrePlanet Ontario mailing list. I'm going to get my T61 working again though, as another spare, and to help solidify the X200/T400 decision... but I imagine later this year I'll get an X200, and then do the Libreboot installation on my X60.

    Then, in mobile computing, I bought a new, unlocked S5 from for a great price (sketchy, but the guy answers the phone and emails... I think unprofessional, but not unreliable).

    It took me like 20 minutes to go from stock Samsung to Cyanogenmod 12.1 last night, even troubleshooting a minor flashing hiccup (thank you Freerunner flashing experience!).

    I'm gradually setting up applications, will probably swap the SIM soon since, even though I plan to continue using my N900 for gpodder (I have it heavily scripted in Maemo and am loving it...), I can always create a WiFI hotspot with my S5 if I need to use my N900 online...

    Still a few items I'm trying to figure out in Android/CM though:

    • Maybe dumb question, but how do you get ESC/CTRL/TAB etc. in apps like Connectbot?
    • There's nothing in F-Droid for Nagios (or Zabbix...). What do you use for monitoring? I'm looking at maybe setting up Nagios with Twilio to just send me SMS...
    • What do you use for cron/scheduling in Android? In Maemo, I have fcrontab scripts to do things like put my N900 into silent mode at specific times every week when I'm in class/rehearsal... (Though my wishlist feature is not to set times manually, but to have it read my calendar, say look for a special character in the event title to signify which events to go silent for...)
    • What do you use for backups in Android? I like rsync4android, because I'm using rsync for backup everywhere else, but that's not in F-Droid and I'm not sure if the GUI is proprietary... I'd be happy with CLI rsync if I can schedule it with cron (my Maemo solution)...

    Overall, pretty happy to have found some next gen (relatively) freedom-friendly computers that fit my workflow and budget -- nevermind to have lasted this long with computers from 6-8 years ago!

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    How to get Esc, Ctrl and Tab: install Hacker's Keyboard. It's an additional keyboard that you can switch to when using the terminal (or use it all the time if you wish :-)

    As for backups, it's a bit of a messy situation. You can always mount the drive to your computer and backup the "user files". Addressbooks, contacts and calendars are typically synced to some online service (I use Kolab, another good choice is OwnCloud).

    sazius at 2016-01-09T09:42:33Z

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    Thanks for the tip on Hacker's keyboard!

    Re: backups, on my wife's Nexus, contacts/calendar are taken care of by DAVdroid, some photos/videos through ownCloud instant upload, but I also installed rsync4android from the Play store and configured an rsync backup should can manually trigger (but rarely does) of the rest of the user files.

    I still like the idea of an incremental and ideally automated backup of as much as possible... though I've never really had to restore anything. (That may change soon, as she lost her Nexus outside the apartment a couple days ago and hit hasn't resurfaced!)

    Anyways, thanks for the tips!

    Blaise Alleyne at 2016-01-09T16:44:42Z

    Hackers keyboard always! For backups try “oandbackup”. I don't have a Google (nor any GApps installed) account, so I can't comment on apps from Play Store.

    Debacle at 2016-01-10T10:24:58Z

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  • 2016-01-08T15:51:29Z via AndStatus To: Public

    There's no Nagios application in F-Droid? What do people use for monitoring in Android? Maegios is buggy, but it works... I'm not loyal to Nagios if there's a better supported monitoring tool.
  • Libreboot X200, ThinkPad X60, or something else...

    2016-01-03T16:12:04Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    Seriously considering a Libreboot X200 to replace my current ThinkPad X60. But, seems like a lot of money to move from old hardware to slightly less old hardware...

    I already have an SSD on my X60, but only 3GB of RAM, no Libreboot, and the Libreboot X200 has a freedom friendly wireless card...

    I could get Libreboot running on my X60. Not sure if that would allow for more RAM? The wireless card switch is probably the only thing I'd be without.

    Looking at the Purism laptops too, but those seem even more expensive, and I'm still partial to Thinkpad hardware -- maybe unreasonably so.

    Or could buy a more recent ThinkPad... but it feels a bit dirty compared to the Ministry of Freedom offerings... except that the CPU seems like a huge difference. I don't know how much it matters to go from a ~2008 Core 2 Duo to a current generation i5 or i7 or whatever?

    Anyone have any experience with the Libreboot machines?

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    You could also get an x200 via Ebay or a t400 from overstock or something. If you check the seller reviews you'll probably end up well, and you could spell less than $200, then you could also upgrade the ram and hard drive yourself, which isn't hard. The process for installing libreboot seemed complicated though, and I figured I was happy enough to want to support Minifree and Libreboot's development. I've been happy with that decision so far.

    Good luck! :)

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-01-03T16:24:36Z

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    Yeah, if I'm paying money, I'd definitely rather it go to support Minifree or Purism than say to Lenovo / the Microsoft tax. And I'm a bit hesitant on doing the Libreboot installation myself, with the time it'd take and the risk to a laptop I need...

    Also, just figured out through the old Libreboot X60 listing that there seems to be a limit of 3 GB of RAM even with Libreboot. =\

    Hmm hmm... well, thanks for the feedback!

    Blaise Alleyne at 2016-01-03T16:31:57Z

    I switched from a Libreboot X60 to an X200 a while back. 100% recommend the upgrade. Great screen, bit faster and I've had significantly better battery life. Buy it from Minifree if you can afford to.

    Ben Sturmfels at 2016-01-05T01:19:00Z

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  • Mr. Robot pilot

    2015-12-29T22:10:48Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    The pilot for Mr. Robot was surprisingly realistic on the tech side, [major qualifier] for Hollywood. While mentions of GNOME and KDE and other things from anyone but the lead felt like line reads, and the get on a jetplane to save the day single-handedly from the attack was super Hollywood, I'm pretty surprised that they've done their homework on understanding the technology and culture to the point that the details don't distract from the story, e.g. "ps aux | grep root" commands on screen rather than whatever goofy fake screens are usually shown. I can't think of another mainstream show that's done that.

    Yep, it was pretty surprising.

    JMobile at 2015-12-29T23:13:16Z

  • 2015-12-29T03:09:14Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    Very close to purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5 (for Cyanogenmod usage), to gradually phase out my... N900.

    Yep, still using an N900, will be 6 years in a couple weeks.

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    I was running Diablo on my N800 before it died ... great little machine, but once nokia killed further Linux development I switched to Android machines.

    B. Ross Ashley at 2015-12-29T05:45:14Z

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    Yeah, Maemo's been a dead platform for years. The CSSU (community repos) gave Fremantle a bit of a limited extended life, but not much. I've just been holding out, waiting for something else, like the Neo900 or Ubuntu Phone or FairPhone or Jolla or Firefox OS or whatever else. There doesn't seem to be another solid option though, so I'm finally leaning Cyanogenmod.

    Blaise Alleyne at 2015-12-29T16:32:04Z

    Same here. Although my N900 stopped working years ago (2012) and I had to buy a Galaxy S2. Still using it (with Cyanogen), but it doesn't support Wind's frequencies, and it's also starting to show signs of age. However, now that Wind has been sold, maybe it's not worth worrying about it anymore...

    Sergio Durigan Junior at 2016-01-07T20:53:01Z

    I'm heading out to pick up my S5 right now!

    Re: WIND, I don't think the sale matters so much in terms of hardware, because (a) in the short-term, Shaw/WIND will still be the better option, and (b) while Robelus and WIND use different frequency bands for 3G, I just realized that they're all using the same AWS frequency bands for LTE.

    The S5 I bought is the G900W8 model, which is the exact same model being sold in Canada by WIND/Shaw, Rogers, Bell, TELUS...

    So, I think newer devices might be a bit more portable between Canadian carriers in the LTE era... in case Shaw ever manages to out nasty Robelus...

    Blaise Alleyne at 2016-01-07T21:01:40Z

  • IceWeasel gets destroyed by Chromium in hardware acceleration stress test...

    2015-12-28T15:23:16Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    I try to use IceWeasel more than Chromium, but often find myself using Chromium more because it feels faster. I thought it was because I had too much stuff open in IceWeasel or because it gradually uses more RAM over time, but today I was getting really frustrated when pressing edit on a DokuWiki page was causing a CPU to churn at 100% for 15-20 seconds. I know I have old hardware (ThinkPad X60 with SSD and 3GB RAM), but... Chromium doesn't blink doing the same things.

    Then, the results from this hardware acceleration stress test were insane:

    • IceWeasel: 2 FPS
    • IceWeasel (safe mode): 3 FPS
    • Chromium: 60+ FPS (the limit of the test)

    Something is seriously wrong... I'm hoping it's something I can fix...

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) , Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) , Efraim Flashner , Efraim Flashner shared this.

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    I tried this hardware acceleration stress test and the results were sane:
    • IceWeasel: 60+ FPS
    • Chromium: 60+ FPS

    jrobertson at 2015-12-28T16:50:31Z

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    I do not notice that behavior, and I use both. Platform or version may be relevant. :-(

    For me they run comparably so I mostly use Iceweasel.

    Douglas Perkins at 2015-12-28T22:30:49Z

    Thanks all. There's gotta be something with my setup for the performance to be so wildly different... I'll keep digging.

    Blaise Alleyne at 2015-12-29T02:58:46Z

    For posterity, fiddling around with information from here and here, I managed to get IceWeasel to perform at 25-30 FPS by forcing Option "AccelMethod" "sna" in my xorg.conf.

    Also noticed IceWeasel was a lot snappier on a fresh user account, so probably need to close a ton of the tabs I have open (doesn't affect FPS performance though once IceWeasel's all loaded).

    Blaise Alleyne at 2016-01-04T07:48:31Z