Anyone still using Tomboy?

Blaise Alleyne at 2016-07-03T04:17:19Z

Is anyone still using Tomboy Notes? What do you use for sync?

I just spent a good 6-8 hours today pushing through an update from Django 1.4 LTS to 1.9 LTS that I'd begun but got stuck on in January (triggered updates to a bunch of dependencies...), for a Django service I'm running on my living room computer.

This reminded me... I'm still running Snowy, which is Django 1.4, and abandoned... yet, it's worked solidly for me since 2010 or 2011, allowing me to sync between Tomboy on multiple machines, and Conboy on my N900. And then this year, to Tomdroid...

I remember following Rainy, but it was a Mono-based service that I wasn't too thrilled to figure out how to run... and now it looks like there's Grauphel, an ownCloud app?

But... Tomdroid kinda sucks (compared to Conboy). It chokes and crashes all the time, and editing is an awful experience... Conboy is one of my most used pieces of software, buggy at times, but pretty reliable and easy to use as long as I sync often...

If you're still using Tomboy for notes, what do you use for sync? If not Tomboy, what are people using these days?

I'm using Emacs org-mode for notes. Syncing I do with git at the moment, so it's more like manual version control than syncing :-)

sazius at 2016-07-03T07:27:12Z