Michael Below below@identi.ca

Berlin, Germany

Anwalt aus Berlin. Schwerpunkte im Bereich Internetrecht/Medienrecht/IT-Recht und im Versicherungs- und Schadensrecht


  • Markus Bosslet cartagena@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    Bombiger Prozessüberwacher, Gooner mit Leidenschaft, Pfälzer in Berlin

  • Jitsi jitsi@identi.ca

    Strasbourg, France

    Jitsi (previously SIP Communicator) is a video Internet communicator with support for SIP, Jabber and other protocols

  • The Tor Project, Inc. torproject@identi.ca

    The Internet

    Anonymity Online

  • Tobias Diekershoff bavatar@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

  • Evan Prodromou evan@identi.ca

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of identi.ca, lead developer of pump.io, CEO of E14N Inc.

  • owncloud owncloud@identi.ca

    web services under your control

  • Unhosted unhosted@identi.ca

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • Ingo Stützle istuetzle@identi.ca

  • Dan Romescu dromescu@identi.ca

    Arch, United States

    Augmented Citizen Advocate with a vision 4 a open + innovative + green + transparent = sustainable society, Socionetics, augmented reality

  • hirnbloggade hirnbloggade@identi.ca

    Hamburg, Germany

    Wissenschaftler, Behindertenpädagoge und Podcaster ( @SpoilerAlert42 und @trojaalert)

  • Debian Project debian@identi.ca

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian identi.ca account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: → http://deb.li/identica

  • Arthur Schiwon blizzz@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    Kubuntu and KDE addict and contributor, ownCloud developer, soccer fan, various-sorts-of-rock music listener and night owl

  • Schönschrift Blog schnschrft@identi.ca

    Notizen zur H̶o̶c̶h̶kultur.

  • maha maha@identi.ca


  • Dr. Stefan Schneider docschneider@identi.ca

    Hansaviertel, Germany

    permanent blogging scientist

  • Michael micgrosse@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    gender issues, civil rights, physics and science

  • Kuro Sawai kuro@identi.ca

    Mbrg, Germany

    Bright, german. I like serious contents, quality pictures & humor; no spam, not too much chat!

  • st st@identi.ca

    Westfilderstadt, Germany

    transmission & transition

  • antischokke antischokke@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    united states of whatebber.

  • Rigo Wenning rigo@identi.ca

    IAAL and succumbed to computers as early as 1987. Had a focus on data protection for a long time. Now additionally copyright and general IPR