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Simon, I have no interest in giving you a hard time about doing an interview with Shuttleworth, but Shuttleworth has been quite aggressive in his opposition of folks who do my type of work. He's called me a McCarthyist and "insecure in my beliefs" because I uphold copyleft, and he's said that Canonical's business plan is to violate the GPL on Linux. At OSCON, when I told him as smalltalk I'm working hard on non-profits, Shuttleworth told me that non-profit executives were overpaid and not held accountable enough like for-profit executives. The guy treats people who fight for software freedom with contempt. He can do what he wants, and I'm not condemning you for interviewing someone rich and famous, but he's not really focused on working for software freedom. Software freedom is a means to a different end for him. is my full post about Shuttleworth's comments on Linux GPL enforcement.

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Thanks Bradley. None of that comes as a surprise to me, since I have met and spoken to both of you on similar topics and come to the conclusion that building a bridge between you is beyond my skills :-)

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