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@Luis Villa, is your argument that it's the only reason EFF was willing to help here? I'd agree that it's probably why Micah got help so fast, but I'd assume it's not standard EFF policy to help any employee with any legal issue on their personal endeavors. Do you know otherwise?

Or, perhaps your point here in saying that is a thinly veiled EFF activity, and that Micah was acting on EFF's behalf to set a "PR trap" for Canonical, Ltd.?

BTW, I'm not EFF apologist -- indeed, I recently complained on this forum itself about their inappropriate use of Aaron Schwartz name in their fundraising -- but I just don't see the dots connected here on why Micah's employment at EFF is germane.

I'm not trying to insinuate anything negative about anyone. It's just that your post makes it sound like you didn't even know that Micah is an EFF employee, so I was trying to fill in that gap. I will avoid being helpful/informative in the future.

Luis Villa at 2013-11-08T18:45:59Z