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I'm at the GNU 30th celebration today in Cambridge, MA, USA. I first read the GNU Manifesto and the GPL in 1991 and it changed my life. I've always felt like a "late comer" because I wasn't around the Free Software world in the 1980s. Given that I've been involved in 22 of the 30 years, maybe I'm actually an old-timer now. :)

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> 2/3, I'd say you gained your old-timer title =)

JanKusanagi at 2013-09-28T14:46:56Z

BTW it seems from this page that RMS's talk at 21:00 UTC will be live streamed:

sazius old account at 2013-09-28T15:02:57Z

Definite old timer status achieved. I'm just now coming around to GNU after 10-15 years using mix of free and non-free software. I'm really enjoying the switch and development is a lot more fun.

Christopher M. Hobbs (inactive) at 2013-09-28T15:21:46Z

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Let's see, it must have been 2004 when I was first exposed to GNU. Those were the days.

Nathan Smith at 2013-09-28T21:46:55Z