Sumana Harihareswara at 2017-12-21T13:39:43Z

[batch-syndicating from last few days]

Today I learned of "Today's Sked" in  and "The Week Ahead in New York Politics" … for checking for hearings, ceremonies, etc.

New blog post: Bill 1696 and Learning Old Systems … #algotransparency #algorithmictransparency #opendata

Mon. Dec 18 (tomorrow), 4:30pm, … is a hearing at City Hall on the automated decisionmaking task force (Int. 1696-A).

Hey, people in London who think about/make/use "the dynamic medium / tools for thought / interactive simulations for creation or understanding" (e.g., HyperCard):

One of the most insidious, hard-to-root-out misconceptions in my head is American exceptionalism.