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Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon] at NYC's considering a first-of-its-kind transparency bill, and I think it's in danger from corporate interests city agencies using automated processes (algorithms) to decide to benefit/punish you must publish the code

Sometimes these processes are hella biased the NYC ACLU, other NGOs, & local technologists are for it some of NYC's IT, & a trade group of software companies, are against it. Some companies profit from proprietary data if you're in NYC, email your councilmember to ask them to cosponsor & support Bill 1696 maybe also email Councilmember Vacca, tell him: keep the bill strong, follow advice from @BetaNYC & @juliapowles

Outside NYC? Your town/region could consider a similar bill. IT procurement & all might sound boring but the impact could be huge

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(On reflection, "against it" is too strong. They favor transparency, but want big revisions and sounded lots of concerns.)

Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon] at 2017-10-28T22:39:54Z

Thank you for advocating for and reporting on this!

Sure reads to me like like Tech:NYC is against. Saying they favor transparency is about as empty a statement as they could make, especially when they're pulling out stock terrible arguments against it.

Mike Linksvayer at 2017-10-31T01:20:37Z