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Has Slashdot gone super downhill or are my memories of the late 90s/early 2000s FOSS scene just tinged with rosy nostalgia? has literally TWO productive comments -- mine, and a single vague reply to mine. The rest, including all the ones upvoted as "insightful", are trash-talk about GTK+, Gnome, Red Hat, or systemd.

Anyway, I got the Mac OS X port of the GTK+ OpenGL stuff mostly working, with patches in bugzilla for gtk+ and cairo. I had fun writing it at least. :)

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Slashdot went downhill 10-15 years ago.

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Slashdot has gone downhill, yes, but so have the GTK+/GNOME projects. They HAVE been removing features and APIs without deprecation in minor versions, and are hostile to contributions/patches (case in point: why did you need to pull working patches from Bugzilla? why haven't they been merged already?).

The easiest thing to do is just say that Slahdot is a bunch of haters (it is), but that's ignoring the huge PR problem the GTK+/GNOME projects have—one they refuse to acknowledge or do anything about.

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Well, they're in Bugzilla because .... where else would I put them? And they haven't been merged yet because they're incomplete and could still use some additional fixes. I found ebassi at least very welcoming both on IRC and Bugzilla.

Brion Vibber at 2014-11-18T18:41:12Z