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    You know, I think Rick Astley once talked of GNU. "Never gonna give GNU up, never gonna let GNU down..."
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    ♪♫ Compiling we will go, compiling we will go... ♫ ♪

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    Oh, Trump. Just when I think you can't say anything worse.

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    Link, or quote? =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-10-03T19:46:51Z

    He went to Puerto Rico and started complaining about how much it's costing to help them, saying that they're throwing our budget "out of whack." Then comparing their death toll to a "real catastrophe" like Katrina.

    Jason Self at 2017-10-03T20:05:23Z

    Wow... I'd be surprised or outraged but... Trump.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-10-03T20:20:51Z

    >> Jason Self:

    “He went to Puerto Rico and started complaining about how much it's costing to help them, saying that they're throwing our budget "out of whack." Then comparing their death toll to a "real catastrophe" like Katrina.”

    The boss was being brutally honest yet lacking in context. Yes, the Disaster Relief Fund is probably going to run dry again soon. The mission ops report this morning already had two disturbances in the Atlantic basin. We're not out of hurricane season until the end of November. The current Continuing Resolution runs out on December 8th.

    The island is in the hole and is likely to default on its financial obligations to the tune of $76 billion. If it does, kiss any hope of statehood goodbye for the near term. Financial malfeasance by the local administration should not have been allowed to go on that long. To bail the island out, unfortunately, the President would have to get some laws changed that prevent him from even trying to do so. He's not kidding when he brings that up and says it has to be discussed as, frankly, he needs something to take back to DC to keep the bondholders happy and talk a Congress with a razor-thin majority in the Senate into potentially passing a huge bailout.

    $76 billion + current costs against the Disaster Relief Fund + costs to make a new electrical grid from scratch + costs to make a new telecomms grid from scratch = ?

    Hurricane season isn't even over as the hunter squadron is getting set for a possible recon flight Wednesday. Currently the disturbance isn't near US interests. That can always change, though.

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2017-10-04T00:54:22Z

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    Me: ZZZzzz...
    Cat: Oh, you're sleeping? Let me get on the pillow with you.
    Me: No, cat, I'm trying to sleep. Plus your fur is in my face now.
    Cat: Purrrrrrr.
    Me: OK. I'll turn over and face the other direction.
    Cat: Oh, you've moved? Here, let me climb over you onto the other side of the pillow so I can still sit in your face.
    Me: Are you going to let me go back to sleep?
    Cat: Nope.

    Well, good morning world.

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    To quote Mr. Worf prune juice truly is a warrior's drink. Yumm!
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    Got my flu shot today. Had to wait in line for 40 minutes before getting it but I did my part for herd immunity.

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    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠), Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠), Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠), Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) and 2 others shared this.

    Tbh I've been really really liking a lot of the stuff Microsoft's been doing recently, and therefore really needed this reminder that I don't trust them and that Windows 10 contains some of the most abusive proprietary software in the world

    AJ Jordan at 2017-09-27T14:44:19Z

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    Are we there yet???

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    Well that response puts the kibosh on the whole thing then...

    Jason Self at 2017-09-27T00:57:27Z

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    I am excited if this means what I hope it means. This Rich Alderson guy works at the Living Computer Museum here in Seattle, where he describes himself as "maybe the last pro PDP-10 programmer in the world."

    Anyway, I talked to him via email maybe a year ago when I learned that a particularly well-known PDP-10 computer known formerly as AI@MIT (serial # 4627) was here in Seattle at the museum.

    He mentioned that it wasn't running because of a head crash and that someone at the museum was working to make a hard disk emulator that they could connect the machine to instead.

    This email makes me wonder if they're making progress with resurrecting the AI machine, since he mentions having compiled ITS "...with the following settings, derived from those for the KS-10 AI system:"

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  • 2017-09-16T14:47:30Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    I'm happy to unveil my unofficial linux-libre git repository: https://jxself.org/git/?p=linux-libre.git

    Starting from version 2.6.27, released about 9 years ago in October 2008, it covers a total of 1,356 kernel releases (so far) with more being added as new ones come out. All releases are tagged, with each major release being in its own branch. It fits into what du -sh says is 347MB.

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    » Jason Self:

    “[...] It fits into what du -sh says is 347MB. [...]”

    Don't you mean 347 GiB?

    JanKusanagi at 2017-09-16T23:10:12Z

    Nope, the git repository is very small and does indeed take up only 347 megabytes for all of those versions. Git is amazing.

    Jason Self at 2017-09-16T23:43:41Z

  • 2017-09-13T22:10:03Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    The kernel named Linux seems to be getting bigger & bigger. The uncompressed tarball of 4.13.2 is 780MB after running the Linux-libre deblob scripts on it. I wonder if a celebration is planned once it hits 1GB?

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  • 2017-09-12T15:31:32Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    I learned that the Try It Now button on http://pump.io only sends people to datamost.com, due to a lack of (reliable) public nodes. This shouldn't be, so this is a public call for other people to also set up (reliable) public nodes. Let's help pump.io stay decentralized.

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    It could probably send people to mipump.es too.

    I don't know how @luisgf would feel about that =)

    Also, maybe to awkwardly.social, for which we could ask @Splicer, although he might want to convert/restart his server as https first.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-09-12T15:32:57Z

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    "The blast of disintegration whizzes by you!"
    The fun of turning on GNU Screen's NetHack mode. Makes things much more colorful.

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    Suddenly you can't see your bell!

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-09-05T23:32:18Z

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  • 2017-09-04T15:00:59Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    Linux-libre 4.13 is now available in my APT repository - https://jxself.org/linux-libre/

    Version 4.14 is expected in November and will be a long-term support version.


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  • 2017-08-28T17:25:13Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    At the airport for the return trip home. Going to the kiosk to print my boarding pass and I see that a TSA PreCheck indicator was once again added. Off to the PreCheck lane. This is nice. Hope it continues.

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  • 2017-08-22T13:53:02Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC:

    Arriving at the airport the first stop is at one of the kiosks to print my boarding pass. The machine performs its job with its usual quick efficiency and the pass falls into the tray below. Everything seems normal. I grab the pass and notice that a TSA PreCheck indicator was quietly added above my name. Neat. Off to the PreCheck lane...

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    I was at the airport at almost exactly the same time. I think we *just* missed each other. (In any case, hope your trip to the South goes well!)

    AJ Jordan at 2017-08-23T03:15:37Z

  • The Good Old Days

    2017-08-09T01:59:01Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Back in the good old days of computing, even just the hard hard disk would come with a giant 376 page service manual. While it's nice that our hard disks don't weigh 400 pounds anymore, this level of documentation about our computing hardware seems to be a lost art, locked away inside proprietary black boxes and restrictive NDAs

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    The TV I bought to run my C128 on came with schematics for parts of the insides and a pin specification for the SCART connector.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-08-09T04:07:06Z

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    I must have slept on my right hand strangely because the two right-most fingers, along with that side of my hand are numb. Along with a very slight pins & needles feeling ("paresthesia".) Come on, hand. Wake up...

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    very much, also cut cholesterol too, thick blood can't travel through capillaries. cholesterol is like you are pushing an under-powered engine on a steep slope up. Bad for heart, in my exp. responsible for hands, feet, legs going numb more often.

    testbeta at 2017-08-07T16:50:11Z

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    When it's already 80°F/26.6°C at 6:30am you know it's going to be a hot day.
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    You know you're getting old when you go to a restaurant and they unexpectedly add a senior discount...

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    IT'S FREE!!! (or, you know... IT'S CHEAPER!!!!)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-08-02T20:30:20Z