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  • 2019-10-04T13:58:39Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I learned there are multiple consulates nearby. Can I go there and request asylum from Trump? :)

    That should be your constitutional right!

    JanKusanagi at 2019-10-04T15:33:34Z

  • 2019-10-02T12:47:44Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Are we there yet?

    No. Shut up, kids! 😆

    JanKusanagi at 2019-10-02T13:37:26Z

  • 2019-09-30T03:03:23Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I have been collecting freely-licensed text-based games and have a bit of them in the Games section of https://jxself.org/git/

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  • 2019-09-26T04:09:12Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I wrote a small thing to grab random words out of the dictionary file on this computer and played a game with myself to make a sentence out of them. It's been fun. The only rule is you have to use all of the words.

    It seems to have revealed strange things happening in the world. Like: the coffee and fork are taking a taxi to the tram at sunset.

    Also, that the judge played hardware bingo under the carousel with a frog and won. The reward was the icon of a bottle.

    Strange mental images indeed.

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  • 2019-09-25T04:22:36Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I had a dream last night where some employees at Activision got together and were able to make all of the old Infocom games be free software. (Activision bought a company called Infocom in 1986; Infocom had made some classic games like Zork.)

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  • 2019-09-25T04:17:48Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I can't seem to stop petting the cat. Whenever I do he pushes his head into my hand to continue, as if to say "more please."

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  • Stay The Course

    2019-09-25T03:03:52Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I have found that I really agree with the ethical and social issues that RMS brings up in his talks about free software. I've renewed my FSF membership with $1,000 ($500 from me and $500 as an employer match.) I really like that I can donate to the FSF and my employer will match it. I sent an email to the FSF saying my expectation is that they will stay true to the way RMS has led it over these years. I intend to continue to be supportive of the FSF for as long as that remains true.

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  • 2019-09-24T03:28:25Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

  • 2019-09-22T18:01:51Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Goodbye, Aron Eisenberg. This makes me want to go watch some episode of Nog. RIP.

  • 2019-09-21T15:55:33Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Happy Software Freedom Day

  • 2019-09-19T01:07:51Z via Pumpa To: Public

    I thought of something today: When RMS was in Seattle I bought a copy of his Free As In Freedom book and had him autograph it. According to the published schedule at fsf.org he didn't give any talks after that, so I very probably have the last book RMS signed as President of the FSF.

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    You can now sell it for a trillion dollars, and donate that to the FSF 😅

    JanKusanagi at 2019-09-19T01:40:35Z

  • 2019-09-17T04:40:36Z via Pumpa To: Public

    GNU Linux-libre 5.3 (the freedom-respecting version of linux) is code named Freechard in honor of Richard Stallman.

  • 2019-09-17T04:27:22Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Thank you, RMS, for everything you have done these last four decades. Starting the GNU Project, pioneering the concept of copyleft, starting the entire free software movement. The world is a better place for having you in it. You didn't deserve what happened.

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    » Jason Self:

    “[...] The world is a better place for having you in it. [...]”


    Thank you, RMS!

    JanKusanagi at 2019-09-17T13:36:26Z

    FSF without RMS...  wow!

    zykotick9 at 2019-09-18T00:12:34Z

  • 2019-09-17T01:07:48Z via Pumpa To: Public

    RMS has been at MIT in some form other other since the days of the Incompatible Timesharing System. It feels like the end of an era.

    It certainly does...

    Luis A. Guzman at 2019-09-18T06:19:05Z

  • 2019-09-16T13:01:43Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Ever had your words taken out of context and being made to seemingly say something else? Speak up.

  • 2019-09-16T12:49:45Z via Pumpa To: Public

    About 10 days ago, RMS was in Seattle talking, as usual, about free software. I made sure to stop by afterward to thank him for his all of his work and tireless dedication to the cause for all these decades.

  • 2019-09-16T03:32:17Z via Pumpa To: Public

    GNU Linux-libre 5.3 (the freedom-respecting version of Linux) is now available in my APT repository: https://jxself.org/linux-libre/ Enjoy!

  • 2019-09-09T14:12:22Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Left-handed people may only make up 10% of the world's population but at least we're the top 10%. :)

  • 2019-09-08T14:17:10Z via Pumpa To: Public

    Where's my PDP-10?

    In the same cave where it was invented 😎

    JanKusanagi at 2019-09-12T21:51:23Z

  • 2019-09-07T16:19:39Z via Pumpa To: Public

    "The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a smoke-free facility," the voice booms out of the loudspeaker as I make my way to the gate. "Smoking is permitted only in designated areas of the sidewalk outside Baggage Claim." How can it be a "smoke-free facility" if it also has designated smoking areas?