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Is there any way to publish a comment to the public by default? It's the second time, using different clients, that I wanted to answer a comment, and wanted that to be public and kept on the same thread, and I had to share my response. That is kind of surprising to me, and sharing breaks the thread. I also couldn't find a way to edit the comment in order to have it shared. And clicking share does not keep the references to the original thread, it seems.

Most of the desktop and mobile clients have the option of posting to public by default.

But I think your problem here is something else. You replied to a comment, instead of replying to the original post. Just reply to the original post. Your comment is totally public, as you can see.

Sharing a comment does not break the thread, by the way. I see you're using the web interface. It gives a very limited view of things. I suggest you try the desktop clients.

JanKusanagi at 2015-10-27T18:39:22Z

I can't identify which client I used right now, but I had the same problem with the comment below:

Why is it different replying to a comment instead of the original post? Replying to the comment I want to comment about should be preferred, at least where I come from (e-mail).  :-)

Anyway, I recall I had a similar problem using the desktop client. It was either pumpa or dianara.

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo at 2015-10-27T19:08:56Z