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  • Ale Fernandez

  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Charles-H. Schulz

    Paris, France

  • La Quadrature du Net

    Internet & Libertés – Defending citizen rights and freedoms, fighting Internet control and the war on sharing, protecting the free Internet.

  • The Tor Project, Inc.

    The Internet

    Anonymity Online

  • Free Software Foundation

    Boston, United States

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  • Software Freedom Conservancy

    New York, United States

    The Software Freedom Conservancy is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizational home for FLOSS projects.

  • Mike Linksvayer

    pre-epoch parasite, post-epoch scavenger

  • Free Software Foundation

    Boston, MA

    Fighting for essential freedoms for computer users since 1985.

  • Société Coopérative en Informatique Libre

    Lille, France

    Scil vous propose des services en informatique libre portant des valeurs de l’économie sociale et solidaire et du développement durable

  • KDE Community

    Team creating free and open source software, offering an advanced graphical desktop and a wide variety of applications for GNU/Linux.

  • Andres V

    Costa Rica.

  • Bruno Rodrigues

    Strasbourg, France

    PhD candidate at BÉTA (University of Strasbourg)

  • Henri Vickers

    I'm a high-school student interested in computers (specifically FOSS and the federated web). I'm an advocate of socialism, because I believe in equal rights and economic freedom. I enjoy reading, science fiction is my favourite genre. I don't play sport however I have a green belt in Taekwondo and I enjoy casual mountain bike riding.

  • fear_no_art

    #libriste #hacker #autohébergement #antipub #osm #privacy #opendata #p2p #veille

  • Stephen Sekula

    Sudbury, ON, Canada

    Find me over on Mastodon/ActivityPub at Husband; Professor of Physics at Queen's University; Research Group Manager at SNOLAB; dark matter hunter; neutrino watcher; writer and blogger; drummer; programmer; teacher; scientist; traveler; runner; gardener; open-source aficionado.

  • juancuyo

    Naturaleza, ciencias, informática, literatura , música, FSF, GNU, activismo,

  • Bruno Miguel

    Coimbra, Portugal

    Free software evangelist; editorial coordinator in a portuguese free software blog; music lover.

  • Jean-Christophe Berthon


    I'm a free (software and others) advocate, world traveller and bicycle lover.

  • M1974


    I'm beekeeper using all opensource programs