Miami, United States

I'm a computer geek with a musical flare. Proud father of 3 great boys.

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    Doom Guy got old 😂

    JanKusanagi at 2020-12-31T09:59:59Z

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    Hello again, world!

    This is just a note to let everyone know that I'm now on Mastodon.  Youc an follow my account here:

    This account will only be here for historical purposes, so I won't be responding to anything here.  Please follow me on the Fediverse via the link above.


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    How Munich switched 15000 PCs from #Windows to #Linux.

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    The merge of #RazorQT and #LXDE has finally brought us #LXQt! Can't wait to try it out.

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    I hope it's pronounced "looks cute"

    SombreKnave at 2014-05-07T22:23:22Z

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    So finally, after repeated requests from my kids (my middle one, anyway), I decided to see why my #Slackware 64 rig was crashing more often than not over the weekend. Shown was the reason why. This machine has been going strong for a good few years now (not consistently, but more on than off). I checked the hardware monitor in the BIOS and the CPU temp was ~130°F. It was then that I realized it was time to dust off my PC building skills and fix the problem. After removing the dust from between the fan and the heatsink along with the dried up thermal pad residue, some fresh thermal paste later and the beast was purring like a kitten again with temps of ~84°F whilst running my son's Tekkit games. And all was good in MirandaLand again. :-)

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    The #Lubuntu update is finishing up as I head to my next destination. Gonna test it out once I get home.

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    Updating the Eee to the latest version of #Lubuntu.

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    Happy 50th, #BASIC! Thank you for giving me all those late nights of programming and typing in all those games from Family Computing rags as a kid. :-)

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    All of these, and I mean all of these, I have at my job. Kill me now, please?

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    iPhone, shmiPhone. How about a #PiPhone? LOL! :-D

    iPhone was yesterday, the future belongs to the PiPhone and

    axel at 2014-04-28T17:04:34Z

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    GNOME should make this a fitting release by making it run well in the #RaspberryPi and the #BananaPi. :-p

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    It's playing! :-)

    netcat #band #music #linux

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    Mark Shuttleworth tells us how the next #Ubuntu release, named “Utopic Unicorn”, will be like. :-p

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    Git-cloning the #netcat album. The readme file gave me a good chuckle. :-)

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    A band called #netcat releases an album as a #Linux kernel module. Brilliant. The sample song on the article is pretty good.

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    I've never mentioned this before, but boy does it feel good to take off my work badge at the end of the day….like removing a shackle from my neck.

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    Pretty much sums up how I feel about #Ubuntu. The spinoffs, like #Xubuntu, #Lubuntu, and #Kubuntu, are likely a better experience IMO.

    Not forgetting Debian on its own is quite a pleasant experience these days. That being said the hardware support may not be as up to date as Ubuntu or its derivatives.

    jrobertson at 2014-04-23T16:13:35Z

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