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Software Freedom Conservancy Launches Supporter Program

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Conservancy Launches Supporter Program

Software Freedom Conservancy announces today the launching of the Conservancy Supporter program. This annual donation program allows individuals to provide ongoing support to Conservancy and its charitable activities.

Under the Supporter program, for an annual donation of $120, donors receive:

  • an “Official Supporter” badge for display on their personal websites,
  • a printable “Official Supporter” card
  • a Conservancy T-Shirt.

“Donating to Conservancy is a great non-technical way to contribute to the cause”, said Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Conservancy. “By being a member you show you care about the community support of free and open source software. I hope people include Conservancy in their year-end charitable giving”.

“Individual support of charities is essential to their survival”, said Bradley M. Kuhn, President and Distinguished Technologist of Conservancy. “I know many individuals value our work at Conservancy, and I hope they will become supporters today”.

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