Sujith Haridasan

Mahatma Gandhi Rd, India

A KDE lover. Contributor to Plasma. A Free Software enthusiast.


  • T.U.


  • Krita

    Krita - The Open Source Digital Painting and Drawing Suite

  • Shantanu Tushar

  • Inge Wallin

    Linköping, Sweden

    Father of 2 kids, KDE developer, Calligra Suite developer and marketing coordinator, 1 kyu in aikido

  • Cyrille Berger

    Linköping, Sweden

    Researcher on robotics and computer vision. Skiing, bicycle, taking pictures, a bit of drawing and a lot of open source programing.

  • Stuart Jarvis

    Southampton, United Kingdom

    Scientist and member of the KDE promotion team

  • pavithran

    Hyderabad, India

    I like foss especially projects like debian , fedora and OSM !

  • Blau Zahl

    BugSquad KDE chick. Frog @ Works on Automated GUI testing software in exchange for gummy frogs. Linux user since 1993.

  • Laura Dragan

    Southampton, UK

  • Myriam

    Pharmacist, translator, Free Software enthusiast and KDE lover

  • Manuel Nickschas

    Quassel Developer, KDE Enthusiast

  • Ivan Čukić

    Belgrade, Serbia

    KDE developer and Free/Libre software enthusiast, KDE e.V. member

  • Casper EAC Clemence

    Stafford, United Kingdom

    Unapologetic intellectual, animist, dog.

  • leo franchi

    Chesapeake, United States

    i am obsessed with espresso and i hack on tomahawk, libechonest, and amarok.

  • Jesper Thomschutz

    Desperate Perl Hacker

  • Tomasz Dudzik

  • Melissa

    Math-lover, gamer, science nut and geek.

  • Akademy

    Bilbao, Spain

    this is where gearheads meet

  • Nuno Marco Fernandes Pinheiro

    Vilarinho de Canelas, Portugal

    Icon designer, Ui designer, Oxygen coordinator, KDE e.v. member ,freedom fighter, husband, Dreamer.

  • Jos Poortvliet

    Bernau bei Berlin, Germany

    Hi! I am Jos Poortvliet, community manager at ownCloud. Check my blog if you want to know more.