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New blogpost: Configuration Management for the People

An issue I've been thinking on a lot... what do you think? (And can I trick you into working on the system I described? ;))

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I don't think someone should have to know SSL, LDAP or splitting off celery to install MediaGoblin. A Docker image should presume the most useful configuration for the most people that will use it. SSL, LDAP, celery... those don't matter.

They don't matter. I said it.

maiki at 2014-03-29T23:48:26Z

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SSL doesn't matter? I have a hard time buying that. Similarly to setting up an email server, which tends to be pretty involved.

I agree that reasonable defaults should be reasonable of course.

BTW, without setting up Celery, you can't have video support. That's one of the big features of MediaGoblin for some people.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-03-30T04:12:46Z

Most websites I visit don't use SSL, but that isn't a rebuttal. You may think SSL is important, but it is not important to most people.

I wish SSL were easier, I own 40 domains, and only two of them use SSL. But that isn't going to be fixed with configuration, that has to be fixed elsewhere (maybe in HTTP/2?).

And when we are talking about SSL, we mean verified via CA cert, ne? Because local unsigned certs are pretty easy. I know of a few projects that generate them as part of their installation script.

maiki at 2014-03-30T06:13:21Z

SSL certs would be great if they didn't cost $$$+ a year (unless you want a StartSSL cert or something). 

And self-signed certs are another headache altogether. 

ChicagoLUG at 2014-04-02T03:45:37Z