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Free software password manager roundup

Doesn't come to super happy conclusions, sadly.  I'd be interested to hear more on what other people do/use.

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jxself: Neat solution!

And by the way all, I found my solution: it's assword!  As juvenile as it sounds, it's super simple technically: gpg encrypted json.  To use it, just bind "assword gui" to shift-ctrl-p and whenever in a password field (even paypal's works!  Hot damn!) you enter an identifier (press create if the first time) and hit enter, it pastes the generated pasword for you.

(Be sure to run "assword gui" from the command line once to associate it with a key first)

It could NOT be simpler.  SO GREAT!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-10-07T13:14:41Z

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I do something like jxself. Works great, except for sites that make specific requirements concerning what passwords look like. But I also use Firefox password manager/sync, which means those aren't an ongoing problem.

For people without passwords other than for websites, Firefox password manager/sync works great. Except for the occasional website, like say, for which Firefox can't detect the login form.

I suspect the reason there aren't any great, completely integrated password managers is that the vast majority of people don't need them; nothing other than the web exists. They probably do need a good password generator, but that's a different problem. I kinda wonder why one isn't also built into Firefox?

Thanks for doing this review! I wasn't looking for anything new, but just may try assword.

Mike Linksvayer at 2013-10-07T16:58:01Z

I keep all my passwords in KeepassX. Except for the most sensitive sites (e.g. banking) I also keep all my web site passwords in Firefox (with a master password).

Mike, do you also use Firefox Sync for your passwords? It's supposed to be encrypted client-side, but I still haven't dared put them on there :-)

sazius old account at 2013-10-08T07:40:21Z

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I wish there was a Owncloud plugin that performed similar functions to Lastpass.  I could have all my cloud data in my own cloud and manage my passwords, too.

pokerchamp at 2013-10-14T14:41:37Z