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n900 and maemo 5

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I know it's silly, and I'm living in the past, but I still wish I could run a free distro with a version of Maemo 5 (not 6 or the later Meego stuff). I've still never worked with a nicer mobile interface than I had on my n900.

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Yeah, without F-droid, I don't know what I would do :-) I couldn't use Android at all.

But you're right, we're far behind on the mobile side compared to the desktop. In some way phones are much more complex, you have the whole telephony side, mobile 3G/4G networking etc... it's a mess. I tried to use the Openmoko Freerunner as my main phone for a few months but it was really a huge pain :-)

sazius at 2016-01-08T19:20:03Z

Yeah, I liked that too, although having a (quite) basic usage only :-)

As for an alternative, I really like the SailfishOS by Jolla:
It's built on top of the mer core project, which is built on a left-over of what should have been the N9 if it went out. I think it is now run on a community basis. There are repositories for open source Qt apps' too.

I really like what they did for their first phone, it's just annoying that they get entangled with the tablet. It seems they are launching a phone with an Indian phone provider...

Christophe Schockaert at 2016-01-08T20:26:58Z I completely agree with both of you. I loved my N800. Got into android when I was given a phone as a present. Immediately de-googled it. Next phone was a Nexus 4 (current) with an AOSP based firmware with no Google crap and f-droid.

But I really want to run blob free. On pretty much every phone that means 50% on the phone doesn't work. I'm seriously mulling what to do when my phone ages out. Right now I'm thinking I'll probably build myself a MID with BBB and use SIP/ZRTP for calls.

Hate the direction Android is going as Google carves more and more bit out of the AOSP by releasing newer versions as closed source. The locking down of the phones, etc., etc.

So yes time for something separate and free for small screens. Something easy to port Linux stuff to as that solves the lack of apps problem. Heck maybe take sugar and build on it loved that it was python based and thus easy to get into coding on.

Freemor at 2016-01-09T12:47:26Z

It's kind of stuff.

X11R5 at 2016-01-09T13:22:31Z in Flanigan, Nevada

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