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    Now have a #Mumble server running on my Pi2. First time I've played with mumble. It's pretty cool. Question will be can I get friends and family to use it.

    Next step manually install #OwnCloud 8. Tried OwnCloud 7 that came with jessie but it had some show stopper bugs in the Calendar. Hoping they are fixed in 8.
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    Enjoying the latest #weechat android app.
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    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) , Olivier Mehani , Olivier Mehani , Freemor shared this. Wow! CyanoPrism. All the people that contributed to CyanogenMod over the years must be pissed. Guess I'm not upgrading from CM11. That or compiling AOSP myself.

    Freemor at 2015-04-17T00:18:49Z

    Yeah, it's called Replicant. ;)

    Jason Self at 2015-04-17T02:34:06Z

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    from the comments:

    > CyanogenMOD (community edition) != Cyanogen OS (Commercial version, sold with One+, Yureka and other devices). There are no bundled apps on the community edition. Infact there is almost nothing on it, not even Google Play Services. It's plain AOSP with a few customizations.

    Andrew Engelbrecht at 2015-04-17T17:42:29Z

  • Diego Cordoba at 2015-04-17T00:05:41Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Time-Lapse Sun-cats ひまわり猫窓 - YouTube


    #gatos #cats #video #sol


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    Hmmm.. if I delete the " DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE -- FOLDER INTERNAL DATA" would that count as 'inbox -1' for the win?

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    New blog entry up at
    How to make a Raspberry Pi crate out of a Clementine crate.

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    Clever! And terrific reuse of material! :)

    Charles Stanhope at 2015-04-16T17:03:00Z

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    Wow! Busy night for my server last night. A syn flood attempt against my SMTP server plus several (lame) access attempts against the webserver. Did the Skids just get on school break or something?

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    Some probably are.

    Jason Self at 2015-04-16T12:44:39Z

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    Owncloud server up and running nicely on the RPi2. Many idle cycles.. Hmm.. what else to add

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    tt-rss, torrent box

    Efraim Flashner at 2015-04-15T13:12:11Z

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    A jabber/XMPP server, a Pump server... =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-04-15T13:19:53Z

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    i switched from newsbeuter to newsbeuter with tt-rss so I could read on my phone too.

    the RPi should be just powerful enough to run a small asterisk server. Or you could run a fallback mail server

    Efraim Flashner at 2015-04-15T13:26:04Z

    X11R5 likes this. considering I'd definitely need to up the storage it has access too first. An asterisk server would be nice. Used to run one (was the original reason for the main server). Aleardy run Tor and I2P on the main server as well as a polipo caching proxy. A fallback is an interesting but be more useful if the PI were geolocated some place else.

    Freemor at 2015-04-15T13:47:53Z

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    If you think your life is bad, it cannot be any worse than this boy ... the Butterfly Child.

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  • Avadiax at 2015-04-14T11:10:43Z via AndStatus To: Public

    The most recent SMB vulnerability in detail.

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    Pulled sounds out of Shattered pixel dungeon. Now my phone has a pixel dungeon sound theme.

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  • Avadiax at 2015-04-08T19:24:05Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Lies ... it was all lies!!!

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    Perspective: they have it.

    Gabriel Ruiz at 2015-04-09T03:02:36Z

  • pingi at 2015-04-07T17:45:55Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Hello world.

    I am #newhere and trying to find my way around.
    Sorry, I don't know how to set the note title with the web client.

    Yes, there is supposed to be `life beyond the web clien', as the communicationfreedom site puts it, but I found no working client for OS X. -- There is a site `how to compile pumpa’, but it includes compiling QT, and I certainly don't feel like doing that. I have some virtual boxes with parabola and mint, so I guess I will rather install some client there. There is also a emacs client listed, but there is no elpa package; and the readme is not very comprehensible, so I refrained so far from tinkering with the raw .el file so far.

    Ok, so far I only complained. Sorry for that. For me it's ok just to use the web interface for now, I just hope missing titles are no major inconvenience for you.

    I should include a short description of myself. I am an astroparticle physicist working to become a PhD.
    I have two perky and inquisitive small sons, and a wife who is nearly as crazy as I am, otherwise she would probably not stand living with me.
    I love classical music and I sing semi-professionally, although at the moment I lack time to do it a lot. I began learning oboe this year, but I think I am progressing fast -- in contrast to some other instruments, where I reached only a basic level I practice diligently this time.
    I like coding. At work that means improving our massive, overengineered c++ framework. At home I prefer lisp dialects and other dynamic languages; no big projects, just solving my own problems and prototyping concepts for work.

    That should do for now. I hope will fascinate me enough to add a lot of interesting content over time ;-)
    If you -- I hope somebody does read this -- have any questions, or if I forgot something vital, please ask.


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    Arcee at 2015-04-07T14:40:27Z

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  • Nathan Willis at 2015-04-06T16:59:31Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Tor Browser: noun; a web browser designed to constantly tell the user that it is out of date.

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    Working on a 21st century Devil's Dictionary? :)

    James Dearing at 2015-04-06T16:47:34Z

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    Added random nonces to all reminders sent from my server to my phone to prevent cribbing of the crypto (GPG over XMPP so offline messages work). Probably more fun then necessary.
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    Just switched to #SMSsecure which is new in f-droid. It a fork of #TextSecure that looses the GCM crap and focuses just on SMS. Just what I need for my Google free phone. Yeah freedom!

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    It still uses SMS, though right? Why not just use XMPP? I read someone's signature somewhere who made that suggestion, and I think it has merit.

    Kevin Ford at 2015-04-03T14:04:34Z

    Kevin, I think the issue is that there are already several other options for secure data-channel messaging (like ChatSecure), but no others that handle SMS transport. Sometimes SMS is all you have access to.

    Nathan Willis at 2015-04-03T14:08:52Z

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    Thanks for explaining, Nathan. Now I see.

    Kevin Ford at 2015-04-03T14:37:24Z

    @Kevin: SMS aside, over data networks TextSecure and XMPP/OTR work very differently; TextSecure uses Axolotl ratchet, which is an evolution of OTR for async messaging.

    You can't tell people to use horses when they've moved onto cars.

    uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs at 2015-04-03T16:57:25Z

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    Did something today I haven't done in ages.. worked on writing a SYSK.txt file.

    Evan Prodromou likes this. just did a ddg search for "sysk" files to find the technical definition.. and it seems sysk's have evaporated from common use on the Internet. Guess I'm old. Anyone up for a cup of uucp?

    Freemor at 2015-04-02T16:27:29Z

    Stuff You Should Know? I only know that podcast with Josh and Chuck.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2015-04-02T17:54:48Z

  • The ad-blocker Lie

    2015-03-31T18:25:18Z via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers

    I have heard it stated over and over that people shouldn't uses ad-blocking software because if they do websites wont be able to make money, and the entire Internet will implode into a cash vacuum. OK, I added the imploding part, but it is always the implied outcome.. Use ad-blockers and the Internet will go away.

    As someone that has been "on-line" since before there was a public Internet I can tell you this is patently untrue and the people that are telling you this are lying to you, or misinformed.

    First I'd like to point out that a huge number of sites and services on the Internet do not rely on advertising for their income. Do you really think is going to disappear if everyone started using ad-blocking? I think not. does not and will not have ads. IRC servers have been around since the early days of the Internet and do not rely on ads. Same for most XMPP servers. Services that use a "Freemium" model like DropBox will still be around. Usenet providers switched years ago to being a paid service. Some torrent trackers may disappear but other wont, and besides there are other P2P file sharing options that do not rely on "tracker" sites. So the whole P2P thing won't go away.

    E-mail might have a transition period but this is only because too many people have been conned into using big centralized E-mail servers who are in the business of selling all the information that they can harvest from peoples E-mail instead of just providing an E-mail service. Luckily there are many (currently less popular) E-mail providers that are solely in the business of providing E-mail and nothing else. If the ad-blocking apocalypse came to pass ISPs could easily go back to running their own E-mail servers like they did in the old days. Also I am sure many, many, non-advertising based mail servers would spring up to fill the void and make some cash while doing it.

    The fact is that the things most at risk of disappearing if we hit peak ad-block would be exactly the services that are most hurtful to your privacy. To me this seems like a win.

    The current layout of the Internet is far from what it's creators envisioned. They saw an Internet where every computer was a potential server, and many where. They envisioned an Internet that empowered people, not one that made people slaves to huge central servers especially not to huge central servers that were in the business of robbing people of their privacy.

    The Internet is still based and run on the open architecture that the original creators put in place. Thus the Internet is what WE make it. I for one run my own mail, XMPP and other servers. You can to. It's not hard, it can even be fun. It is most definitely liberating.

    So if Internet stores will still be around, and many,many, other Internet services will be around what are we really talking about losing in this supposed ad-blocking apocalypse? What would we loose? Twitter? (I doubt it, They have proven to be very agile and I'm sure they would adjust), Google, Facebook, and their lot? To that I say good riddance. To me and others these companies are a cancer on the Internet that we'll be glad to see the back of. Instant messaging? Nope. Many, Many, open, free and privacy respecting options that aren't based on advertising revenue. Plus it is trivial to set up an XMPP server these days and all XMPP servers can talk to other XMPP servers (if not messed up like FaceBook and Google did with theirs). So That'll still be around.

    As far as I can see the only thing we would loose is services that are in the business of plundering your data to make money off of you. Would this really be a loss? I say no. I personally think everyone should run ad-blocking software, for two reasons. The current onslaught of advertising on the Internet makes many web pages close to unusable. And second, since the advertisers have all decided to ignore the "Do Not Track" header standard why the hell shouldn't I ignore them. Blocking ads protects my privacy and yours. If you decide to use ad-blocking, it will make websites load faster and browsers crash less often. It will save you bandwidth, and other computer resources. (which actually makes it a greener option). Why shouldn't you reclaim you privacy, your screen, your speed, your sanity? Because of some non-existant threat that the Internet will go away? I think not.

    To help you get started here is a list of ad-blocking options. Find the ones that are right for you and start enjoying your privacy and browsing again.

    AdBlock Plus - A GPL'd (freedom respecting, Copyleft ) plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and an Android app. It allows "acceptable" ads by default but you can easily turn that off.

    Privoxy - A GPL'd, highly configurable http proxy that you can use to protect all devices in your home. A little more technical to set up then the plug-in but once up and running all you have to do is set all your devices to use it as their proxy and they are protected.

    AdAway for Android - GPL'd, Requires a rooted device. I prefer it to Adblock Plus on my Android devices.

    How To Block Ads via your HOSTS file - Technique works for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, Etc. The page is geared towards windows users but the principal is the same on almost all platforms. There are links towards the bottom of the page for Linux,Mac, etc. Also there are many tools available that use this method. (AdAway above is one) So you can just DuckDuckGo around to find one you like.

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    Hear hear!

    (but AdBlock Edge please, because there's no such thing as an “acceptable” ad, and doubly so when the people deciding what's “acceptable” get paid to decide what's “acceptable” by the people running the “acceptable” ads)

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'll definitely look into ublock and possibly add it to this article on my blog. And yes non-invasive, non-targeted ads I'd probably be ok with.

    Freemor at 2015-04-01T00:18:16Z

    I'll look into ad block edge Aldo and again update my blog entry if necessary.

    Freemor at 2015-04-01T00:19:36Z

    I allow exceptions for a few webcomics I read that tell me they depend on ad revenue.Especially the ones wrtitten/drawn by a few friends of mine ...

    B. Ross Ashley at 2015-04-01T06:00:51Z