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I've started giving weekly updates in #mediagoblin on Saturdays. Here's today's:

<paroneayea> actually I was going to give my weekly update
<paroneayea> this week:
<paroneayea> - I sent in invoices so tillyq could be paid and replied to a
couple things related to that
<paroneayea> - I worked on the "token voting system" that allows people to
vote for what feature they'd prefer in MediaGoblin... this was
nice also as I got the ability to test out how Flask works more
practically, which was really interesting
<paroneayea> - some bookkeeping, but not too much
<paroneayea> - catching up on email
<paroneayea> - adding the request hook for tumulte
<paroneayea> - there were some snags with the gsoc midterm evaluations, so I
worked on taking care of those and pinged the mentors also to
make sure they were submitted
<paroneayea> - likewise, some conversation with berker about stuff related to
gsoc (talking about migrations with berker)... I forget if I
talked to breton this week or last, but I think this week also

<paroneayea> - some doctor appointments, I was out pretty much all day
tuesday due to that
<paroneayea> - processing the reward information in a form that should allow
Morgan to submit the info and actually place all the orders for
it... also scheduling a date to do 3d printing of the badges at
aeva's place
<paroneayea> there were a couple of issues with the export I got from the FSF
so I'm waiting on that to come back, but I just submitted that
yesterday, so
<paroneayea> that's it!
<paroneayea> that was my week.
<paroneayea> not a bad week now that I typed it out :)

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